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China baidibao group Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has always maintained its due posture: to create a unique product style and tap deep brand value

with the development and expansion of China's plate market, new plate brands are springing up like mushrooms. Then it is not easy to survive in the fierce market competition, and consumer recognition is not so easy

[the homogeneity of products in the plate industry is serious, and it is imperative to dig deep into the value of products!]

the plate industry is in the stage of "Red Sea of style", with serious homogenization and widespread copying. When a special product concerned by consumers appears on the market, a large number of imitators and fake goods will appear immediately

when consumers in the plate market can't distinguish the differences between these products, enterprises engaged in scientific research and innovation will lose their advantages, and they will lose their creative power if they can't make profits

Chesterfield said that style is the clothes of thought. Only the internal thoughts and culture of a successful sheet metal enterprise cannot be copied

this is the big market environment. As an enterprise, we cannot avoid it. The obvious styles of product materials, colors, specifications and so on are easy to be imitated and copied. China baidibao group Wood Industry Co., Ltd. can only build the real value of its own brand by digging deep into the core content of product value, technology and so on

[80 and 90 consumer groups have become the main body of the market, and plate products have entered the "fashion"]

nowadays, the mainstream consumer group in the plate market has gradually changed from the post-60s and 70s to the post-80s and 90s. The change of consumer subjects brings about the change of consumption concepts. The consumption of the post-80s and post-90s is more rational and casual: they like things different from others, pay attention to design, quality and details, and grasp the real needs of consumers. This is the opportunity and challenge for sheet metal enterprises to create styles

the label of the new generation of plate consumers is "young, fashionable and personalized". The low-cost consumption mode does not have much attraction for young consumers who pursue to show their personality. Baidibao board wants to win young consumers, so it continues to innovate products, enrich the types and functions of products, and make the style of baidibao board from "traditional" to "fashionable"

the market changes with time and subject. No enterprise can blindly follow the trend and drift with the tide. China baidibao group Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has always maintained its due posture: to create a unique product style and tap deep brand value


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