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Beijing is a big city, which can accommodate the dreams of countless people. A home with soundproof, safe and environmentally friendly doors and windows can create a safe harbor for you

Hello, everyone. It's the weekend again. I'm Xuanxuan. I'm glad to meet you again

Jacky Xue has a song "that's the life you left Beijing", "that's the life you left Beijing. I thought that if I loved you, I would leave something behind to commemorate those twists and turns. We were happy, quarreling, reluctant, on and off."

Beijing is too big. You will unconsciously meet someone and silently lose someone. When you want to find it back, you have already broken contact

in love, the really happy things don't need to be remembered. On the contrary, what you remember, even if it has been lost, is the most precious. You know what? Beijing is the place where many people start their dreams and destroy their hopes. He persuades people to be separated. He is embarrassing. It seems that he is always noisy but mixed with desolation, but it is also his solitary courage that makes many people happy. Most importantly, I can wait for you in this city

this city is large and can accommodate the dreams of countless people

the noise of the city, the shouting business on the street, and the loud singing on the street under the subway. Everyone came to this city with longing and expectation, hoping to find their dreams and everything they want in this city. There are too many happy moments and joys and sorrows in this city

every day, someone's dream comes true; Every day, someone's dream is broken; Every day, people come here with confidence; Every day, someone leaves here sadly. When I was a child, I thought the world was sweet, and I was not cowardly anyway. I wouldn't cry when I fell down; After that, life brought countless ups and downs, each time full of scars; Later, I realized that growing up will still hurt and won't leave. Sooner or later, the tears you owe will flow back...

we are all lonely people walking in the city. Everyone who lives in Beijing knows that the huge Beijing city seems to be full of people, but it doesn't matter who it is. This is a place where you cry so hard, but no one stops to ask what's the matter with you. But in all the warm places here, you can find love and regret here. The city will never change. It will always be cold and warm. This is Beijing

when you are tired and want to find a place to rely on, the first thing you want to do is to go back to the place that belongs to you and the place that can let you relax and let go of your troubles. This is something you can do with soundproof, safe and environmentally friendly doors and windows. No matter how tired you are, as long as you can listen to music at home and look at those who are still working hard for their dreams, you will be full of confidence

time flows like water in a hurry, only knowing the cold and warm. Life in Beijing is gone, but time is so unforgettable. The Beijing complex in my heart has not changed, and the TA in my heart has not left. Let's listen to Jacky Xue's Beijing story "that's the life you left Beijing"

that's all for today's story. I'll see you next week. Good night





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