Modern Feng Shui of interior decoration

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"Leave the balcony for the elderly". The designer believes that canceling the design of the balcony will make the room "dead". The balcony is a space for people to communicate with nature, especially in families with elderly people. A plant, a chessboard and a recliner on the balcony will make the whole room lively and interesting. Many children are not interested in eating. If parents let their children cook together, let them enjoy the fruits of their labor, and smell the smell of lampblack and food, they can naturally arouse their appetite. Therefore, do not give the limited area of the kitchen to the living room or dining room. Only when the open kitchen lets the lampblack drift into the restaurant can it have the flavor of life. An ideal home can nourish one's heart. One should also have a broad vision at home. Too many and thick ceilings in the decoration will make the residents feel depressed. The porch materials that block the line of sight should be used less at home. Keeping transparent and simple lines is what modern people need most in their natural mentality. If you don't have a deep understanding of Western living habits and culture, you'd better abandon roman columns, Western sculptures and other decorations, and only thoughtful homes can have culture. The pace of modern life has not had much time to specialize in reading, and it is of little significance to hide books in the study. It's best to move the study into the living room. Casual reading is the most scientific habit. In this atmosphere, children will naturally be nurtured. Even a small bookcase can be designed in the bathroom, and plants can be placed, and flowers can be used to replace chemical fragrance. Placing foreign wine bottles in the wine cabinet as decoration is a misunderstanding in many home decoration. There are great differences between Western Wine Culture and Eastern wine culture. If there is no cultural foundation, it will inevitably appear hypocritical. There is laughter at home, there is joy. Don't rush your children into the study or play too early in order to keep the living room neat and clean. Children need the encouragement of others most when they study or play, and children bring joy to the family most directly. Parents should allocate limited time and space to their children, because they will not spend a long time with their children, and their children are growing up rapidly. Don't restrict the child's nature of painting at will. That is to show his imagination. You can leave a creative wall for the child when decorating, so that he can hit nails and paint at will. Even the tree roots, leaves, stones and other items they picked up casually from the wild were collected, and after cleaning, they were made into decorative specimens together with the children for permanent commemoration




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