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Ask and answer to see how to decorate a house that can go smoothly

Hello, master. I picked up a cosmetics store, and now I want to decorate it. When I picked up the store, there were two square pillars at the door. Now I want to smash them to make my sight better. I don't know whether to smash them or not? This column was used for decoration by the previous landlord. The front door of our row is flat. There are two columns at my door. These two columns are not load-bearing. Experts answer: how to decorate the house with smooth wind and water

after the house is decorated, the relationship is not good. What should I do

famous feng shui master answer:

you have two questions, why do people want to sell the store? I'm afraid there are many reasons. If their business is good, will they sell this store? From the perspective of geomancy, taking over a store that is going to close down is easy to cause great consumption of its own aura, which needs your attention. If there is time, it is recommended to accept the offer carefully

another problem is the column problem you mentioned. Any store and home need to be spacious, so it is best to remove obstacles. Of course, it also depends on the situation around the store and whether there is evil spirit. In other words, are these two pillars purely decorative or used to block evil spirits. Analyze and judge. Of course, the broad fame will have a bright future for the smooth transportation in the future; You can also put rolling water in the center of the door or at the entrance to bring money

since he took over the opening of a cosmetics store, the master said one more thing: have you considered whether your destiny is consistent with opening such a store? How to adjust the layout of the store, such as cashier, Caiwei, Qinglong and Baihu? You need to think carefully before you can start business. Otherwise, I'm afraid there will be a lot of trouble in the future

Miss Ying in Shijiazhuang asked: what to do if the old house is in trouble

my old house is in trouble. What should I do? The specific situation is as follows:

there is a house, which was built in the mid-1990s. It is a six story red brick building, and the house is on the first floor. In 1998, my grandfather and grandmother lived here with their unmarried second aunt, who had mild mental illness. After living here, because Grandma had a history of cerebral hemorrhage before moving here, grandma occasionally developed hypertension, and her family did not pay special attention. Half a year later, grandma fell in the house and died of cerebral hemorrhage; A year later, the second aunt's mental illness worsened, and she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, and greater friction with the neighborhood, and was sent to a mental hospital; A year and a half later, Grandpa broke out with gallstones and was hospitalized to have his gallstones partially removed. Two years later, Grandpa, who had always been strong, broke out with cerebral infarction and was hospitalized. After recovery, his mind was normal. After about half a year, Grandpa's cerebral infarction was hospitalized again. After discharge, he showed signs of Alzheimer's disease. He was lost once and was sent back by a kind-hearted person

in order to take care of my grandfather, my parents moved into this house. During the decoration, due to the construction unit's Jerry built work, my father had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage (not very serious), and my grandfather died a few months later; Father found arteriosclerosis; A year later, my father was diagnosed with myocardial infarction and underwent stent surgery. After February, my father often had an unprovoked rise in blood pressure. These misfortunes have indeed happened around me. Moreover, my parents often quarrel with their neighbors when they live in that house. My parents have always been peaceful and never fought with others in their original residence

the room I live in is always gloomy and unpopular, especially the small storage room under the stairway. The south side of the master bedroom is the balcony. Because there is another residential building in front of me and the outer wall next to me, it is difficult to see the sun at ordinary times

famous feng shui master a:

I sympathize with your family's experience. It seems that you have encountered a "dangerous house". Houses that can't get sunlight all year round are very gloomy! In addition, the outer ridge and sitting direction of the house must be clear. Because Feng Shui is the accumulation of wind and water, which is related to the ground type and array eye around your house, as well as the Yin Qi of the foundation of the house

how to resolve it? Of course, first of all, we need to town the house. In addition, we can paste pictures of sunflowers to absorb Yang Qi. There are patients at home all year round who can raise turtles. Turtles have aura, which symbolizes longevity! In addition, hang a red rope plant gourd at the height of 2/3 of the western corner of the hall, and hang a Chinese knot at the gate. If possible, opening more windows is the best way

in the past, when dealing with similar old houses, or "dangerous houses", it was usually necessary to open a "skylight", so that the essence of heaven and earth could enter your home, and the evil spirit would naturally disappear

maybe you'll ask if it's good to move? The master replied: good! But it's not a move, because bad aura has taken root in your body and furniture. Therefore, even if you move, you should also carry out corresponding "gas gathering" to supplement your own masculinity, so as to turn the tide and rise

Ms. Wei in Hangzhou asked: what if the edges and corners just hit my house

my house is a duplex house, and there is a large terrace on the top floor, but the corner of a house on the same floor just faces the door leading to the room from my terrace. Please help me, what should I do

famous feng shui master answer:

since your house is a duplex house, I'm afraid the internal or surrounding evil spirit is not just this "corner", in other words, you also need to ask someone to investigate carefully in order to find the right remedy. For example, your front door, living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom; Does the house itself face the rules? Are there any missing corners? Are there electric poles, high-voltage towers, overpasses, hospitals, etc. around? Do you know the eight directions of this house and the corresponding positions of noble person, peach blossom, wealth, Wenchang, Sansha, wife wealth and descendants

if it's a simple "corner rush", it's very simple. Just use the mascots of the town, such as Taishan stone dare or dragon turtle. The simplest thing is to raise fish on your terrace. I hope what I said can help you

Mr. Cheng in Lishui asked: after the house is decorated, the relationship is not good. What should I do

I bought a three bedroom house on the second floor last year; The house is located from the northeast to the southwest. After the house was decorated and moved in (my parents also lived with us), trouble came, mainly because of emotional problems: first, my parents used to have a good relationship, but now they quarrel and quarrel all day; Second, my own feelings are not smooth. My wife is out of tune all day. I suspect her cheating. Alas, it's hard to say

famous feng shui master answer:

although you didn't give the house type diagram, from your expression, I think there are the following problems:

1. Your house must have internal and external shock, and the internal structure of the house does not conform to the Feng Shui principle, lacking corners

2. Since "the house is from the northeast to the southwest", I don't know the specific number of compasses. Master, I doubt that your house is on the "ghost line"

3. Because the house is on the second floor, it is very low, so it is particularly vulnerable to the influence of the surrounding evil spirit

4. Because it's mainly about feelings, I'm afraid the location of your parents' bedroom and your bedroom is inappropriate, and I'm afraid there's also a problem with the orientation of the bedside

it is suggested to make a comprehensive analysis and consideration, and it is best to conduct on-site investigation, so as to know yourself and the enemy and be invincible in a hundred battles

Miss Zhou in Suzhou asked: I lost my job after buying a house. What should I do

I gritted my teeth and bought a small two bedroom house last year. The result has been bad since I moved in. I also lost my job and was depressed. Later, the stocks I bought were almost wiped out, I was incompatible with my family, my boyfriend ran away with my girlfriend despite my pregnancy and abortion, and so on. Please give me some advice. Is there a problem with Feng Shui in the house I bought

famous feng shui master answer:

it should be said that there will be some problems in your house. In fact, whether a person is unlucky or not has a great relationship with his own destiny. Therefore, it is recommended that you first test your own destiny to see if you are in a bad time

in addition, your "results have been bad since you moved in, and I lost my job after buying a house", which must also be related to the house. For example, your fate does not coincide with the position of the house, which leads to the depletion of your aura; For example, there are problems with the layout of your house, and even your house has been tampered with by others during decoration, which will cause the loss of your health, emotion, career and wealth. It is suggested that you should analyze it as a whole

Mr. Cao in Jinan asked: what if the surrounding environment is bad

Hello, master, I'm in trouble: under my balcony is the exit of an underground parking garage. From the small room facing north, there is a small river. The river used to be a road, and across the road is a small "ghost garden" (like a wall burial). My home is on the sixth floor, which can be seen from a distance

the geographical location of my house is the last row of the community. The room type is that the big room faces south, the small room faces north, and the hall faces south. Originally, the door was facing the toilet, but later, a porch was made in the middle. When you enter the door, you can't see the toilet. There is a TV in the big room, wall mounted, facing the bed. There are many problems, because everything is bad after living in

famous feng shui master answer:

there are indeed many problems, both internal and external difficulties

internal worries mean that the Feng Shui layout inside your house is unreasonable and problematic: for example, "the door was originally facing the toilet, but later a porch was made in the middle, and you can't see the toilet when you enter the door". Although the intention is very good, you also need to know that using the porch will cut off a part of the aura of the house in a sense. In addition, "TV, wall mounted, facing the bed" is definitely inappropriate, because TV is negative. Also, how does your house look? Are there any missing corners? Bedroom, bed orientation, etc. are all to be analyzed and studied

external difficulties are external evil spirits, such as the exit of the parking garage and the "ghost garden", which will cause damage to your health and wealth

the master believes that the first thing to do is to stabilize the house, and then find the corresponding Feng Shui layout that conforms to your destiny and house location. One more question, is your house "busy" after you check in? If there is no "downtown", please take a look at the master's blog about moving. I said, "if you move without downtown, you will have trouble in the future". Remember





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