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Analysis of the four elements of the overall home furnishing on the trend of home decoration paint

analysis of the four elements of the overall home furnishing on the trend of home decoration paint

August 18, 2010

[China paint information] the busy urban life has made people's requirements for the home environment not only comfortable, warm and practical, but also yearn for a better home life The unremitting pursuit of high-quality home taste has brought the concept of "overall home" into people's life and into people's vision in line with the needs of the times

furniture: Chinese and western, simple and fashionable

in the interview, we learned that modern, simple, American rural, neoclassical, simple European and post-modernism furniture styles are still the mainstream of the market. Cream, camel and light coffee panel furniture are still favored. According to the relevant person in charge of Changda Furniture Co., Ltd. in the urban area, in recent years, consumers have higher and higher requirements for furniture environmental protection. For example, the environmental protection standards of plate furniture are constantly upgraded, and the manufacturers' marketing of furniture environmental protection is still the highlight of panel furniture manufacturers in 2010. The simplified European furniture in 2010 will be more favored and valued by the majority of families than in 2009. The iron material is the combination of several stages of art, rattan weaving, cloth art and solid wood in the reconstruction and sales of the papermaking and paperboard industry, which gives consumers more room to choose

it is reported that in recent years, the furniture industry in our city has more reflected the pure European and American furniture style. More Chinese and Western neoclassicism furniture began to appear in some urban home life halls and furniture markets. It combines the elegance of Chinese furniture with the nobility of European furniture, integrates simplicity and fashion, and broadens consumers' horizons

sanitary ware: natural materials, intelligent

according to the urban Boya decoration designer, nowadays, more and more natural materials are included in the sanitary ware space design, and wood, stone, rattan art, etc. have broken the law that is not suitable for sanitary ware; Synthetic materials are more colorful: Waterproof wallpaper paint,

waterproof paint, metal mosaic, color ceramics, self-cleaning glaze and other new technologies continue to break the situation that the bathroom is dominated by white ceramics

the bathroom is not only used to solve physiological needs and personal hygiene, but also advocates the maximization of human enjoyment into the bathing space, which is mainly reflected in the intelligence of bathroom products. For example, the intelligent toilet that can realize toilet enjoyment, and the bathtub that can realize audio-visual enjoyment, a fashionable bathtub, in addition to having enough bath space, is also cleverly embedded with TV and audio equipment. Many sanitary ware enterprises developed and promoted similar intelligent products in 2010

coating: advocating nature and experiencing in person

advocating new naturalism has become an indisputable fact. People are eager for nature and actively get close to nature. According to the relevant personage of the municipal decoration Association, the breakthrough point of coating product technology in the future should be to the all natural side. There are also a large number of trading enterprises and a small range of steel market in our city, and consumers are more in pursuit of New Sensualism and brand experience. The attention of coating consumer groups to products has stopped at the primary stage of listening to what painters say is good, or seeing TV advertisements say is good. Now, entering brand experience stores and participating in enterprise experience activities have become an important measure for consumers to understand coatings. At the same time, the experiential design of store terminals is becoming more and more important to the brand

flooring: environmental protection, solid wood, original ecology

from the popular trend in 2010, environmental protection is still a hot topic in the flooring industry. Since the installation of glue free floor can improve the construction speed and eliminate the link of cleaning the glue on the floor surface after the construction, in addition to the convenience of installation and maintenance, the more important thing is its environmental protection. Therefore, glue free floor has become a new direction of the global flooring industry in 2010

Mr. Luo, who operates Greenfield flooring in the urban area, said that last year, new solid wood flooring, which is between the solid wood and laminate flooring of the independent catalogue experimental body, rose abruptly. It will be popularized in 2010 because of its stable performance, novel styles and diverse styles. Moreover, if the price of the new solid wood flooring is reasonable, it will be accepted by more people and become a real consumer leading product

in addition, the original ecological floor without painting and any modification is also a popular trend of the solid wood floor style

2010 wallpaper trend

1. Murals are more favored

compared with traditional wallpapers, the whole mural can attract consumers' attention because of its rich pictures. The whole mural is based on the whole wall, including figure paintings, landscape paintings, abstract paintings, animal paintings, etc. different pictures will create different space atmosphere. Suitable murals can be found in the bedroom, children's room or living room. This is not the only thing that attracts consumers most. The wall sizes of different rooms are different. Most wallpaper manufacturers of such murals can shrink or enlarge according to the wall size of customers' homes, which is very considerate

2. Wall stickers make your home more personalized

wall stickers are a kind of decoration that has become popular in recent years. Most of the shapes are hollow flowers, branches and vines, and the back is attached with adhesive, which can be attached to the wallpaper. Customers can choose their favorite colors or flowers at will, and the seller can modify them according to the size of the wall to meet customer requirements to the greatest extent

The salesperson of

wallpaper said: "this kind of wallpaper can not be used for all wallpapers. It can only be fixed on wallpapers with smooth surface and no concave convex pattern. Generally speaking, if you want to paste wallpapers, you'd better choose plain color wallpapers on the bottom, so as to highlight the decorative nature of the wallpapers."

3. The color is very classic

if you really don't know which color to choose for the wallpaper, you might as well choose neutral colors such as gray, light coffee and beige as the main color. The salesperson of Eurasian wallpaper told: "no matter how the fashion trend changes, neutral color wallpaper has never fallen behind, mainly because this kind of color can be matched very well, and the effect is good no matter what color of furniture or cloth." At the same time, this neutral color wallpaper has another advantage, that is, it can become the main transition color of the family. If the color at home is too messy or suspected of "color collision", you can also use neutral color to neutralize it, which can play a transition role visually. It is quite good

4. Big purple is more festive

most people do not dare to use the color of big red and big purple casually, for fear of creating a vulgar taste if they are not careful. The designer Tan Liyuan said that if the wallpapers are skillfully used, the visual effect will be great. Generally speaking, this kind of color is used to decorate Chinese style homes. Red can be used on a certain wall or porch, TV background wall and other places, coupled with classical furniture or cloth art, it is very brilliant; Purple gives people a mysterious and noble feeling. It is generally used in the bedroom. It is undeniable that this red and purple color will greatly enhance the festive atmosphere at home, so it is also a hot choice for many newlyweds' houses, and its dielectric properties rank first among plastics; One of the wallpapers. Jiuzheng building materials suggests that due to the strong visual effect of such colors, it is best not to use them in a large area. Otherwise, it is easy to cause visual nerve tension and make people feel oppressive

5. Prefer dark color

if you only want to use wallpaper in part of the room, you'd better choose dark color series. The salesperson of Meitu Wallpapers told: "now many consumers choose to use Wallpapers locally for decoration, which can better highlight the theme. It is recommended to choose dark wallpapers, because dark wallpapers will dominate visually, no matter how they are matched, they are eye-catching, while light wallpapers will naturally have a poor effect because they are difficult to jump out of the overall environment of the wall."

similarly, the partial use of gold and silver wallpapers will also be very eye-catching. The greatest advantage is that they can be matched invincibly. Whether Chinese, European, simple, luxurious... Gold and silver color will be perfectly integrated into the overall environment, and the decorative effect is extraordinary

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