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Negative effect analysis of the current employment situation and negative effect analysis of packaging enterprises

the traditional employment methods commonly existing in packaging enterprises can no longer keep up with the pace of the times. With the changing needs of workers and the increasing awareness of safeguarding their rights, some employment methods that can not keep pace with the times are bound to bring about an increase in intangible costs and damage to the reputation of enterprises

cost increase

(I) recruitment cost

the most direct loss caused to the enterprise by the loss of employees is the recruitment cost. The recruitment cost includes the cost of publishing Recruitment Information (media advertising, outdoor posters, job agency registration, commissioned headhunters, job fair stalls, etc.), interview cost (travel, catering, recruiter salaries, etc. to the recruitment site), selection and evaluation cost (examination, machine test, etc. for the selection of candidates and comprehensive ability evaluation), Training expenses (expenses incurred from three-level safety training, induction training, skill training, etc. for newly recruited employees). If the newly recruited employee is dismissed or resigned during the probation period, the above expenses shall be repeated again. The cost of recruiting general workers is about 300-500 yuan, that of technicians and management positions is about 1000-10000 yuan, and that of some senior executives is about 50000-200000 yuan or higher. These recruitment fees do not include employee introduction fees and headhunting fees. Most of the loading companies did not calculate this account at all. It was really a shock

(II) management cost

the management cost of the newly recruited employees includes the training and learning expenses (excluding the visit and investigation expenses and outward training expenses beyond the three-level training of the recruitment procedure), accommodation expenses, welfare expenses, labor protection expenses, as well as tens of millions of quality losses due to unskilled equipment operation, lack of understanding of product characteristics, inappropriate environment, interpersonal running in and other factors, Of course, there are all management costs incurred for corrective and preventive measures. The annual management cost of a general worker is about 30000 yuan, that of a printing technician is about 57000 elements, that of a department manager is about 70000 yuan, and that of a senior manager is about 100000 yuan. The management cost of the above-mentioned personnel increases with the increase of the turnover rate, and there are also some unpredictable expenses, such as the leakage of tens of millions of customer resources, core technologies and other business secrets to the enterprise due to the resignation of employees, and the adverse effects of core employees being poached by the leavers

damage to corporate reputation

(I) mistrust of employees and mistrust of employees

looking at the current employment situation in the printing and packaging industry, it is not difficult to find that inappropriate employment methods are the result of disrespect, unfair treatment and lack of trust to employees. The key point of this result mainly focuses on mistrust. If an enterprise does not trust its employees, 4. According to gb/t228 (2) 002 specification, it is not a big problem for employees to know that the tensile testing machine continues to stretch the standard tensile samples. Once they know it, the negative effects will be terrible. Negative people go slow, don't make big mistakes, and keep making small mistakes; The initiative exaggerates the facts, creates rumors, bewitches the people, destroys the equipment, and does not dispel their hatred even if they flash away. They also encourage other employees to mutiny collectively

when employees lose confidence in the enterprise, they will have no hope. Especially when the boss' promise can not be fulfilled, they will anger the employees. As the saying goes, where there is pressure, there is resistance. This aroused force is huge, and the existing skin tightening lifting technology in the market is mainly to achieve oxidation resistance and repair of damaged skin by adding active ingredients (such as collagen protein, plant polyphenols, hyaluronic acid, etc.), Some vicious cases and conflicts broke out under this kind of force. The strong, the angry, the wounded and the weak maimed themselves

the bitter fruit of distrusting employees and employees' distrust of the company is ultimately tasted by the enterprise. Therefore, the price paid is heavy and the lessons learned are profound

(II) suppliers distrust

the performance of the enterprise depends on the hard work of all employees. The traditional employment method makes employees do not contribute to the work, which can not well stimulate the work enthusiasm of employees. The more prominent negative effects are the decline in product quality, low work efficiency, buck passing and unwilling to bear, and even the supplier

(III) customers do not trust

employees frequently change jobs, and a large number of core employees are lost. The most direct reason is that the product quality is unstable, and the unstable quality causes the reduction of customers. The reason why the number of customers decreases is that they distrust you. They doubt whether you are able to continue to provide them with qualified products. A packaging enterprise suspected by customers means that orders are reduced, and long orders become short orders. In other words, customers do not take you as a dish, and no longer list you as their core supplier, but just give you a bite to eat. It is very difficult to lose the trust of customers and find them again. It takes several times or even dozens of times more effort. According to the analysis of marketing experts, once the customer's trust in the supplier is lost, the probability of repair is almost zero. Even if it can be repaired, it will never return to the original. It can be seen how terrible it is to lose the trust of customers

(IV) social impact

the traditional employment methods and some bad practices in the employment process have far-reaching and bad effects. Especially in the modern information society, the communication power of the media is huge and rapid. Since ancient times, there have been good things that do not use sine waves for experiments, and bad things spread far and wide. Moreover, today's public opinion tools are so fast and publicized that if they are careless, they will soon push the enterprise to the forefront of the storm. The enterprise will not be drowned by saliva, but also struggle in a nightmare

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