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China is the world's largest waste plastics market and the world's largest waste plastics importer. However, in terms of waste plastics recycling, China is still in its infancy. The recycling rate of waste plastics is very low, and the development of recycling industry is also facing many difficulties

first, in terms of policies, the waste plastics recycling park will also effectively reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution in combination with cultural creativity, art, food, games and other contents. However, at the macro level, China has no comprehensive planning for the development of the waste plastics recycling industry, lacks specific policy support, lacks waste plastics classification technical specifications, and lacks recognition and encouragement for enterprises that purchase and use waste plastics and meet product safety requirements. The relevant systems are not perfect, which has led to the low level of waste plastic recycling industry in China for a long time

second, in terms of technology, internationally, plastic recycling methods include physical regeneration, energy recovery, chemical reduction and use as solid fuel. At present, physical recycling is the main method of plastic recycling in China. The vast majority of waste plastics recycling and processing enterprises basically have no conditions to introduce and develop new technologies, new processes and new equipment, and the product technology content and added value are low, which hinders the development process of waste plastics recycling

the third aspect is management. It is understood that the waste plastic industry is currently jointly managed by the Ministry of environmental protection, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of customs and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. Lack of industry guidance and technical specifications due to unclear industry jurisdiction. Therefore, the centralized department should be established as soon as possible, and the classified recycling of domestic waste should be closely combined with it, so as to establish the recycling system of the whole society

now, countries all over the world are taking various measures to recycle waste plastics, and the recycling work in some developed countries has received obvious benefits. In the future development, China should actively learn from its advanced experience, improve the recycling rate of waste plastics, and better promote the development of China's economy according to the preset arbitrary mode

statement: finding the decisive factor that determines the performance and precision of the experimental machine is the key to improving the working efficiency and quality of the experimental machine

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