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Analysis of liquid crystal silk printing

liquid crystal is an intermediate state of some organic substances in a certain temperature range. In this state, due to the special orientation of the molecular arrangement and the specific law of the molecular movement, the liquid crystal not only has the fluidity and surface tension of the liquid, but also presents the optical properties of some crystals. About the common faults encountered: for example, if the temperature is higher than the upper limit of the liquid crystal phase temperature, the liquid crystal will become an ordinary transparent liquid and lose its optical properties. If the temperature is lower than the lower limit of the liquid crystal phase temperature, the liquid crystal will become an ordinary crystal, Loss of liquidity. Nematic liquid crystals in liquid crystals are used as display materials in the electronic industry. Cholesteric liquid crystals can be used for temperature indication

liquid crystal is irradiated by natural light and artificial white light, and the reflection of colored light of a certain wavelength is strengthened due to refraction. With the rise of temperature, the color of long wavelength changes to that of short wavelength (that is, the change from red green cyan), The color forming mechanism of its liquid crystal is discussed from the utilization status and development trend of modified polypropylene materials in relevant parts. It is due to the selective reflection of liquid crystal to light of specific wavelength, said Sebasti á n d í AZ, the project leader. The liquid crystal must be printed on the black or dark background color. Now the liquid crystal can respond to the temperature between -10 ℃ and +70 ℃, and the accuracy is ± 0 5℃。

when printing, the liquid crystal is sealed into the microcapsule and mixed with oiling ink for printing. The liquid crystal encapsulation has the following advantages: it can prevent the pollution of the liquid crystal itself; It can play a protective role, prolong the service life and facilitate long-term storage; It can improve the printability. The amount of liquid crystal added into the ink is 40% of the total amount of ink, and the diameter of the capsule is between 10-30 microns

the printing method can be silk printing or gravure printing. In silk liquid crystal printing, attention should be paid to: the ink layer needs to have a considerable thickness after printing, so generally 40-70 lines/cm of stainless steel, nylon or polyester are used; Because the silk liquid crystal microcapsule ink is water-soluble, the photosensitizer with strong water resistance should be used in plate making; Microcapsule ink is easy to block the plate hole, so you should wash the plate often; The pressure of the doctor blade should be smaller during operation; After printing, it is best to adopt natural drying instead of accelerated heating drying; Don't pile up too much of the printed matter after drying, and don't put too much local pressure on cutting, etc

when using liquid crystal ink, the discoloration temperature range should be determined according to the purpose of use and the durability of liquid crystal should be considered according to the purpose

the key of liquid crystal printing technology is: liquid crystals that can display bright colors at different temperatures, and in series on the color humidity threshold; The manufacturing technology of liquid crystal microcapsules is also the key. Microcapsules should be small and uniform, and the capsule coating should be transparent and thin. Mixing ink requires solvent resistance, stability, reliability and long life; During the printing process, it is also necessary to ensure that the liquid crystal microcapsules are not crushed; The surface is covered with protective film, etc

purpose of liquid crystal printing:

it is printed into a calendar picture, and the picture will change different colors under different temperatures throughout the year

print it into a children's album, and change the picture color with children's pointing and touching

printed into trademarks, wrapping paper, etc., and pasted on some hot products, you can understand the quality changes of the internal items according to the changes of pattern color. For example, if the bright picture on the candy wrapping paper turns gray, you should eat the candy as soon as possible, otherwise it will melt. The liquid crystal pattern printed on the container can display the temperature of the items in the container. On large items that are expensive, afraid of heat and cold, the liquid crystal printing can be used as a reminder card for temperature preservation

in foreign countries, liquid crystal printing paper tape is also used as a disposable thermometer

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