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Electrical management is an important part of enterprise management. It is an organizational and technical measure to prevent and eliminate electrical industrial accidents, and it is one of the necessary guarantees for the development of mining enterprises. There are many unsafe factors in the process of mine production, and there are safety problems everywhere and at all times. Electrical safety is an applied science with safety as the goal and electrical as the field. In a broad sense, electrical safety technology has two tasks. On the one hand, it studies the mechanism, characteristics and laws of various electrical accidents, as well as protective measures; The other is to study the use of electrical monitoring, electrical inspection, electrical control methods to evaluate the safety of the system or solve various safety problems in production. Therefore, doing well in electrical safety management and technology is the fundamental countermeasure to prevent electrical casualties

electrical safety management


first of all, we should conscientiously implement the basic safety policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive treatment", and achieve the safety concept of "people-oriented"

when people are engaged in production and social activities, safety needs are the most basic needs, while mine electrical safety accidents are still a prominent problem, and the accidents caused by electrical reasons are still relatively high every year. For example, two major vicious electric shock accidents occurred around the mining and beneficiation plants of our company on July 31, 2001 and April 29, 2004, which left us a profound lesson. From these lessons, we realize that "prevention first" is the prerequisite for realizing safety first. In terms of the relationship between electrical accident prevention and accident handling, only by focusing on prevention can we prevent minor accidents and nip them in the bud. Therefore, the essence of conscientiously implementing the basic safety policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive treatment" is to constantly find and eliminate hidden dangers, and realize the intrinsic safety of people, electrical appliances, environment, and management, so as to fundamentally implement the safety concept of "people-oriented"


main contents of mine electrical safety management

he evaluates the characteristics of the tested materials and oils by driving the friction pair to and fro by electromechanical. Electrician is a special type of work and a dangerous type of work, with many unsafe factors. At the same time, with the development of production, the degree of electrification continues to improve, and electricians are also gradually increasing, and scattered in all departments of factories and mines. This reflects the importance of electrical safety management. In order to do a good job in electrical safety, the safety department should assign special personnel to be responsible for the safety training of electricians and the management of licenses


necessary and reasonable rules and regulations are summarized from people's long-term production practice and are effective means to ensure safety and sufficient production. Safety operation regulations, installation regulations for electrical once drawing into cylindrical cup, operation management and maintenance system and other rules and regulations are directly related to safety. Various safety operation procedures and operation instructions should be established according to different positions of mine electricians. Corresponding electrical equipment installation regulations and electrical equipment operation management regulations shall be established according to the environmental characteristics. Adhering to the maintenance and repair system and doing a good job in the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment is an important link to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment. In order to ensure the safety of maintenance work, especially high-voltage maintenance work, we must adhere to the work permit system, work supervision system, work interruption, transfer and termination system


electrical safety inspection should be carried out regularly, and problems found should be solved in time. Special attention should be paid to the safety inspection before and during the rainy season. Mine electrical safety inspection includes: check whether the insulation of general electrical equipment and explosion-proof electrical equipment for mining is damaged, whether the insulation resistance is qualified, whether the exposed live parts of the equipment are protected, whether the underground cables meet the safety requirements, whether the protective neutral or protective grounding is correct and reliable, whether the protective devices meet the requirements, whether the voltage of portable lights and local lights is a safe voltage or whether other safety measures are taken Whether the safety appliances and electrical fire-extinguishing equipment are complete, whether the installation of electrical equipment is qualified, whether the installation position is reasonable, and whether the system is sound

insist on patrol inspection of underground transformers and other important electrical equipment, and make necessary records

for electrical equipment in use, its insulation resistance should be measured regularly; For various grounding devices, the grounding resistance should be measured regularly; For safety appliances, lightning arresters, transformers and other protective appliances, they should also be regularly inspected and tested or durability tests should be carried out according to the maintenance procedures

electrical safety inspection should be reasonably arranged in combination with the specific situation of the unit and the general law of electric shock accidents, and should not be carried out blindly


safety education and training is mainly to enable staff to understand the basic knowledge of electricity, understand the importance of safe electricity use, and master the basic methods of safe electricity use, so that they can work safely and effectively

new workers in factories and mines should receive three-level safety education, including factory, workshop and production team. General knowledge of electricity and safe use of electricity should be required for ordinary workers; General production workers who use electrical equipment should know not only general knowledge, but also relevant safety regulations; For electricians who work independently, they should understand the safety requirements of electrical devices in the process of installation, use, maintenance and overhaul, be familiar with the safety operation procedures of electricians, learn the methods of extinguishing electrical fires, master the skills of first aid for electric shock, and pass the examination to obtain the certificate of qualification. Those who have not obtained the qualification certificate shall not work independently

in order to meet the above requirements for the construction of a cobalt based Fischer Tropsch synthesis demonstration device with an annual output of 200000 tons, it is necessary to adhere to mass, regular and diversified safety (2) lift out the piston with two M12 lifting ring screws and remove the inner wall seal ring and ring of the oil cylinder; Education


safety data is one of the important basis for doing a good job in safety work. Some technical data are also very important for safety work, and attention should be paid to the collection and preservation

for the convenience of work and inspection, high-voltage system diagram, low-voltage wiring diagram, overhead line and cable layout of the whole mine and other drawings, instructions and records should be established

separate data should be established for important equipment. Such as technical specifications, factory test records, installation and commissioning records, etc. Records of each overhaul and test shall be kept as data for checking. Records of equipment accidents and personal accidents shall also be kept as data

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