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Cushioning material for packaging and degassing packaging method

patent name cushioning material for packaging and degassing packaging method patent applicant Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. main applicant address: Tokyo inventor Yokogawa akazuka; The investigation results of the application (patent) No. 2004 of Kajima and Hiroshi 1. Application date: 2004.10.19 certification date: Approval announcement number: Approval announcement date: 2006.01.04 instruction CD number: D, and this does not only touch on product manufacturing and commercial success; It also reflects the values of the United States 1. The main classification number b65d81/03 (2006.01) I classification number b65d81/03 (2006.01) I Division original application number priority 2003.11.14 JP 385277/2003 abstract is a kind of cushioning material for packaging. Foam styrene material (2) is set in cardboard box (1), and then vinyl resin bag (3) is filled in cardboard box (1. The maximum residue and other indicators should meet the requirements of relevant standards). For cardboard box (1) The air between the foam styrene material (2) and the vinyl resin bag (3) can also be degassed interchangeably, so that the vinyl resin bag (3) is close to the product placement recess (2a) of the foam styrene material (2) and the carton (1). As a result, when the product (4) is placed on the foam styrene material (2) filled with the vinyl resin bag (3), the product (4) will not collide with the vinyl resin bag (3) and the vinyl resin bag (3) will be torn, making the placement of the product (4) easy. Sovereignty item 1 A cushioning material for packaging is characterized in that it has a degassing hole, which is arranged so that when it is arranged in a packaging box, the first side contacting the inner surface of the packaging box can be connected with the second side placing the packaged object through a film-shaped packaging film part. International application pct/jp2004/015430 international publication wo2005/047138

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