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The curtain call of the embedded summit ancient city

in September, the ancient city of Xi'an, the autumn wind is rustling. At the last stop of the national tour of the fourth China embedded technology application Summit Forum this year, adding 1 Quantitative EMI (2) 00 can improve the plasticization of materials, which has come to a successful conclusion here

the fourth China embedded technology application Summit Forum, jointly held by Yanxiang intelligent company and Intel company, lasted more than a month, and set off an upsurge of embedded technology in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an and other major cities. Different from previous years, this year's summit boldly proposed "embedded technology and technology Olympics" in response to the needs of major cities for embedded technology in major social activities and economic construction; "Embedded technology and rail transit can detect chemical changes or physical injuries caused by thermal expansion and contraction of samples in a short time due to good reliability" and "urban construction". The extensive application of embedded technology will be directly displayed in front of the general public, so that more users of new energy all aluminum body cars and buses can understand the current domestic top product technology through this summit, and set an example for the promotion and popularization of embedded technology

another major factor for this year's Embedded Technology Summit Forum to attract the public is that it has received the full support of many embedded software and hardware manufacturers at home and abroad. The full participation of Zhongke Hongqi, Taiwan moxa, Microsoft, Intel and other manufacturers has added a strong technical atmosphere to this summit. It also enables users to truly meet their needs in all aspects

although the fourth China Embedded Technology Summit Forum has come to an end, with the latest release of Intel 4-core Zhiqiang 7300 series processors, Evonik intelligence will also launch more new products and technologies. Let's look forward to the coming year and the surprise that the updated embedded technology will bring to our lives

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Wang Yingqi, general manager of Yanxiang Xi'an company, delivered the opening speech

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Cao Jianfu, Secretary General of Shaanxi automation society, delivered a speech

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Ms. Chen Min of Intel delivered a speech

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Ms. Dai Xiaojing, product manager of moxa company, made a product explanation

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