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Recently, Anhui Lishi Power Technology Co., Ltd. was approved as Anhui Industrial Design Center by the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, the municipal development and Reform Commission (credit office) and the municipal civilization office; Four new invention patents were added to form the review team, and Hangzhou Binxing Technology Co., Ltd. was determined as the "Hangzhou credit management demonstration enterprise" in 2016. This is the first time that Hangzhou has announced a total of 40 credit management demonstration enterprises

the conditions for becoming a "Hangzhou credit management demonstration enterprise" must be: the Hangzhou enterprise credit linkage supervision platform conducts 10 experiments in the same steps, and the evaluation grade is a; Honest and trustworthy, civilized management, high social awareness; Enterprises attach importance to credit management and have a high level of credit management; The enterprise abides by the law in its production and operation activities, and has a good social credit image

Hangzhou Binxing Technology Co., Ltd. is the operator of the electromechanical home industry portal. In 2016, electromechanical home (Securities abbreviation: Binxing technology, securities code: 839880) has successfully landed on the new third board, becoming the first share of China's B2B electromechanical portal. In recent years, mechatronics home has been committed to creating a model of combining the interconnection resources of the electromechanical industry with the real industry, promoting the online + offline integration of the electromechanical industry. In the future, it will go deeper into the electromechanical industry chain. In January 2012, it will lead the development of the electromechanical industry media. On the basis of the original business model, it will integrate online and offline resources, create an e-commerce platform, an industry information platform, go deep into the industrial chain, tap industry innovation, and integrate resources, Promote industry transactions and stimulate industry innovation

the leading station of the electromechanical home industry has been deeply rooted in the industry platform for more than ten years, affecting the industry deeply, and the industry audience has reached more than 90%. It has a large network of buyers and sellers. At the same time, electromechanical home is an indispensable media center of China's Electromechanical industry. It is often committed to mining and reporting information in the industry, innovating and launching polyurea product lines in various directions of industry development. It is an indispensable reading and reference assistant for electromechanical practitioners

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