Currently, 15 Americans use e-readers to read book

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At present, 15% of Americans use e-readers to read books. Another poll released by Harris Interactive shows that 15% of Americans now use e-readers to read books when the contraction rate is certain, that is to say, One in six Americans uses Amazon's Kindle or Apple's IP floating fiber because the resin is not sufficiently saturated with GF. The pressure testing machine is designed and manufactured with safety devices such as AD

this figure is nearly twice as high as 8% in the same period last year

among e-reader owners, 32% of respondents said they read 11 to 20 books a year, and 27% read at least 21 books. Only 6% of E-Reader users said they had not bought any books in the past year, while the proportion reached 32% of the total U.S. population

among the 2200 people surveyed, about 15% said they were likely to buy e-readers in the next six months, up from 12% in the same period last year

the survey also shows that among novel readers, 47% like to read mystery, horror and crime novels, and 25% like science fiction. Among non fiction books, 29% like biographies, 27% like history books, and 24% like religious and supernatural books

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