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It is urgent to strengthen the work of saving materials and replacing wood in the packaging of mechanical and electrical products

the equipment manufacturing industry is a basic industry that provides technical equipment for China's national economy and national defense construction, and plays an important role in China's industrial field. Packaging of mechanical and electrical products is one of the important links in equipment manufacturing and an important condition for mechanical and electrical products to enter the market, especially to expand export services. According to statistics, the export volume of mechanical and electrical products in China has accounted for more than 50% of the total export volume for 11 consecutive years. As an important part of China's packaging industry, the packaging industry of mechanical and electrical products has an annual output value of 300 billion yuan

however, the packaging of mechanical and electrical products is a major consumer of wood in China. 10million cubic meters of wood are consumed every year, and the wrong interface may cause damage to the equipment; It is equivalent to about one sixth of the current annual output of commercial timber in China. In particular, large, precision and valuable electromechanical equipment and military products need high-grade or even imported wood packaging. The utilization rate of wood is less than 70%, resulting in a waste of up to 30billion yuan per year. According to the data provided by the Ministry of Commerce, the annual loss of China's product exports due to packaging problems is about 50billion US dollars; Among them, the export loss of mechanical and electrical products is about 30billion US dollars

farmers use barren land, wasteland, marginal land and other planting fast-growing forests to increase the income of 800 ~ 1000 yuan per mu than planting grain. The main body of the hydraulic universal material testing machine should use the frame level or borrow the line hammer in the attachment to correct the verticality of the columns in two directions perpendicular to each other. The processed laminated veneer lumber can increase its value by more than 3 times and its strength can be increased by more than 1 time. Instead of wood, it is used to pack structural materials, reduce consumption and fumigation in wooden cases, and it is 100 ~ 150 yuan cheaper per cubic meter than wood; Recycling waste agricultural straw can increase farmers' income by 120 ~ 180 yuan per mu, and processing into agricultural straw board can increase the value by more than 3 times, replacing wood for packaging enclosure materials, which is about 50 yuan cheaper per cubic meter than wood

it is of great significance to actively promote the work of saving wood and replacing wood in the packaging of mechanical and electrical products. It can not only reduce the logging of high-quality wood covering a total area of about 210 hectares, make better use of fast-growing wood and waste disc pointer zero waste crop straw, increase farmers' income, but also improve the strength of packaging protection and reduce packaging costs. It is a good thing for the country and the people with significant economic, social and environmental benefits. This work urgently needs the coordination and cooperation of relevant departments to jointly promote

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