The hottest epidemic has complicated the industry

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The epidemic led to the complexity of the industry

release date: Source: China paper

novel coronavirus prompted the closure of the Ohio Recycling Association and stimulated the Federal Reserve to encourage investors to continue to provide loans to local governments marked as

here are some of the latest summaries about the pandemic:

the American National Association closed: the recycling alliance in Ohio closed permanently on March 20. The organization said in a statement of resource recovery: "we are in trouble because our focus is on the publicity and awareness of recycling and sustainability for schools and community organizations. As we know a few weeks ago, because covid closed businesses and lives, it would not have happened in the plan." Executive director Arley Owens encourages members to join the Ohio recyclers Association and the national recycling alliance

local government borrowing: the Federal Reserve has taken a step to help local governments maintain access to their short-term loans. According to the show, many local governments rely on short-term loans in the form of municipal bonds to pay the cost between two taxes. However, investors are worried that during the epidemic, local government taxes will fall and spending will increase. The Federal Reserve announced that Jin min would first invest human, material and capital to establish a liquidity tool for money market mutual funds, aiming to lubricate the wheel of providing loans to municipal authorities

the European plastic recycling industry has been hit hard: the independent commodity intelligence service (ICIS) reported that the European recycling market is being affected by the virus and may be damaged for a long time. In particular, the material source of the collection system is interrupted, and the potential downstream demand of the non packaging industry is lost. Investors are worried about the income of the sustainable industry and reduce the necessary long-term investment. For example, consumers buy PET bottled water, but they store it, which leads people to worry about the reduction of recyclable raw materials. At the same time, because the price of RPET is higher than that of original plastic, it is worried that manufacturers will turn to using ready-made original plastic for packaging, assuming that the microcomputer has strong functions and can be printed directly

US/Canada recyclable trade: the recent closure of the US Canada border may have an impact on the industry. According to the article of environmental law insights, some garbage and recycling projects in Canada rely on the import and export of raw materials from the United States, so the interruption of cross-border trade will lead to obvious problems. The impact is particularly severe in Ontario, a province where about a third of the waste is transported to the United States for disposal. Meanwhile, according to the blog of Baker McKinsey law firm from environmental law insight, some Canadian recycling stations rely on American materials to maintain their economic viability. It is expected that with the closure of the current border, the integration of the United States and Canada in resource recovery and waste treatment will end, which may be an overreaction. However, the current situation may prompt Canada to plan to implement more emergency plans when the border is closed in the future

the market trend of plastic machinery in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2013 was good

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