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The final determination of epichlorohydrin anti-dumping in epichlorohydrin market was finally issued. The Ministry of Commerce announced the final determination result of epichlorohydrin anti-dumping case at its station at 8:13 on June 28 with Announcement No. 44 of 2006: according to the provisions of the anti dumping regulations of the people's Republic of China, the Ministry of commerce also saw the strength of our factory for after-sales customers of experimental machines in 2004, and issued an announcement on December 28, deciding to Japan and the United States import epichlorohydrin to conduct anti-dumping investigations. The anti-dumping duty rate levied on companies ranges from 0 to 71.5%. Market experts said that the result was expected by analysts. The anti-dumping was established, but the tax rate was slightly reduced, which was consistent with the psychological expectation of the market. Once the news was confirmed, the industrial community calmly responded and did not respond. On the same day (June 28), the transaction price of epichlorohydrin was still at the first line of 24500 ~ 24700 yuan/ton

last day (June 28), the mainstream quotation of epichlorohydrin in East China was 24500 ~ 24800 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price was 24500 ~ 24700 yuan/ton, but the market transaction was still insufficient and the market ran empty; The mainstream quotation of epichlorohydrin in Huangshan area is 24500 ~ we don't know 24800 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price. 2 the quotation of impact testing machine is usually 4500 ~ 24700 yuan/ton determined according to the size and performance of the test box. The downstream construction is only 40% and the demand is extremely limited; In the epichlorohydrin market in North China, the mainstream quotation is 24500 ~ 24700 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price is 24500 ~ 24600 yuan/ton. The market is bearish, and there are not many inquiries; The mainstream quotation of epichlorohydrin market in South China is 24500 ~ 25000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price is about 24600 ~ 24700 yuan/ton. The source of goods is tight in East China, and the inquiry is general. Some manufacturers have finished their sales plans in June and have stopped invoicing

as for the deployment after the final determination of anti-dumping, the manufacturer previously said that the general direction was to stabilize and would not introduce a price adjustment policy for the time being. On the same day (June 28), the ex factory quotation of epichlorohydrin was still: Qilu Petrochemical 24500 ~ 24600 yuan/ton (including freight), Tianjin Chemical 24500 yuan/ton (including freight), Baling Petrochemical 24500 yuan/ton (including freight). Its 32000 ton/year, 28000 ton/year, 32000 ton/year units were operating normally, and the products were shipped smoothly and the inventory was not high. Market experts said that the current market response is extremely flat. In view of the general characteristics of tight supply of epichlorohydrin, some market participants believe that its market can be maintained at a certain price; Most market participants believe that the price of special alloy materials for high-end equipment has reached its peak, and the reduction is inevitable, but the final determination of anti-dumping will delay the arrival of its reduction process; The manufacturer believes that the price is mainly determined by the relationship between supply and demand, and the tight supply determines its high price

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