The hottest epichlorohydrin market demand is weak,

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Epichlorohydrin market demand is weak and prices rise

in early September, it was predicted that there was an error in the upward adjustment of ECH. This week, the domestic ECH market was weak and consolidated, the factory quotation was strong, the goods were discharged smoothly, the traders walked with the market, the downstream market entry enthusiasm was general, and the demand was weak under cost pressure

East China: the market price is 16000 yuan/ton, the low-end is up 200 yuan/ton compared with last week, the shipment is slightly tight, the quotation of traders is flat at about 16000 yuan/ton, and the downstream demand is slightly weak. Under the pressure of high cost, many small factories continue to reduce production or shut down, and the market trading atmosphere is tepid. This Friday, the oil pump in the epichlorohydrin market in East China did not work, and the traffic was stable, The quotation is 16000 yuan/ton. At present, Jinan experimental machine factory adopts intermittent sealing oil cylinder. Some early orders of the factory have not been fulfilled, and the supply of goods available for export is scarce. Traders are optimistic about the future market, and the enthusiasm of downstream market entry is general

North China: the market price is yuan/ton, and the low-end factory delivery price increased by 200 yuan/ton compared with last week

import situation: this week, the epichlorohydrin import market was consolidated at a high level, the market supply continued to be tight, the downstream demand was flat, and the negotiation atmosphere was quiet

upstream products:

propylene: on September 3, the market price of propylene monomer in Asia: CFR Northeast Asia is in USD/ton, CFR Southeast Asia is in yuan/ton, CFR main port in China is in USD/ton, propylene price in Shandong region fell slightly, and the negotiation range is in Yuan/ton

liquid chlorine: Shandong liquid chlorine market is then connected to the power line, which is temporarily stable, and the price continues to be high. At present, the mainstream ex factory price of local liquid chlorine is yuan/ton, and the efforts of energy conservation and emission reduction are weakened. The operating load of some manufacturers is enlarged, and the high price is limited

downstream products:

bisphenol A epoxy resin: this week, the liquid epoxy resin Market in East China was generally traded, the market of raw bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin was consolidated at a high level, the quotation of suppliers was strong, but most of them still executed early orders, few new orders were sold, the downstream demand of the terminal was not improved, the procurement pace was slow, some downstream were out of the market, consumed inventory, and the intention to catch up was weak; As of this Friday, the reference negotiation price of E-51 (618) has risen to yuan/ton, the low-end price has increased by 500 yuan/ton compared with last week, and some mainstream suppliers have quoted yuan/ton. Under the pressure of high cost, they are reluctant to sell at low prices, and the market mentality is stable and good

bisphenol A: the rise of domestic bisphenol a market slowed down, many imported goods arrived after the middle of the month, some sellers' shipping intention increased, second-hand merchants' interest in entering the market decreased, and downstream passive procurement on demand. This Friday, China applied for a PCT patent, and the transaction price in the Eastern market was yuan/ton; The market price of imported goods in North China is yuan/ton

overview: it is expected that the price of epichlorohydrin will rise steadily and slightly next week, and the price will fluctuate at 16100

manufacturer's quotation in the figure below

manufacturer's quotation of epichlorohydrin

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