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The filing of epichlorohydrin anti-dumping case has led to a sharp rise in prices

since the filing of epichlorohydrin anti-dumping case, the price has risen sharply, causing great pressure on the downstream epoxy resin industry. Due to the tight supply, the original price of this product was relatively high, and the anti-dumping case was filed and finally decided. Until now, the market has further increased. In May, it hit a record price of 27000 yuan/ton, and the machinery industry will continue to develop and expand. Faced with the helplessness of the downstream, epichlorohydrin manufacturers also have their own explanations. Not long ago, some manufacturers said: anti-dumping has promoted the vigorous development of the domestic epichlorohydrin industry, and the sound of domestic production expansion is endless; Boosted by the upsurge of international raw materials, the domestic epichlorohydrin industry can effectively raise prices, so that enterprises will not fall into a loss situation; It has formed a strong support for the domestic epoxy resin industry to maintain a high level of operation

in the first half of 2006, supported by high international oil prices and the rapid development of downstream, and boosted by the domestic chemical industry's record highs, epichlorohydrin stepped out of the steady rise - sharp rise - correction stable market with the thrust of anti-dumping. According to the market experts of China epoxy resin industry association, the Ministry of Commerce announced on December 28, 2004 whether there is a fuse circuit breaker in the epoxy chloropropane anti tilt 2 electrical control cabinet for filing; Then the preliminary determination was made, and the final determination measures were announced on September 21, 2005. Since June 28, 2006, anti-dumping duties have been levied on epichlorohydrin originating in Russia, South Korea, Japan and the United States: 17.9% for kosdick closed-end joint stock company in Russia, 5.4% for usuriye Chemical Co., Ltd., 4.0% for Hanhua Petrochemical Co., Ltd., 3.8% for Samsung precision Chemical Co., Ltd., 4.7% for Kagoshima Chemical Co., Ltd., 0% for DACAO Co., Ltd., and 4.3% for Dow Chemical Co., Ltd, Other Russian, Korean, Japanese and American companies accounted for 71.5%

from January to May 2006, the total import volume was 552 tons or 10000 tons covered with dust plugs, an increase of 48.8% over the same period last year. The import volume accounted for more than half of the domestic apparent consumption. Therefore, import has become the main source of supply in the domestic market. The arrival time and import volume of import sources have a great impact on the domestic market. Relevant people from epichlorohydrin manufacturers said that the significance of anti-dumping to the domestic epichlorohydrin industry is as follows: the domestic industry will gradually develop and expand, and capacity expansion will be carried out in full swing under the positive effect of anti-dumping. According to incomplete statistics, by next year, three domestic enterprises will be added to the industry, and the new production capacity is expected to reach 160000 tons/year, and the domestic industry has achieved unprecedented development; It provides an important guarantee for the development of the downstream resin industry. The increase of domestic production provides sufficient raw materials for the downstream industry, and the increase of supply will play a positive role in the development of the downstream industry; Despite the increase in supply, prices will still operate at a more reasonable price supported by high international oil prices and steady growth in domestic demand

regardless of the impact on the downstream, it is indeed a fact that epichlorohydrin industry is booming. According to the experts from China epoxy resin industry association, the newly-built epichlorohydrin this year includes: the 30000 ton/year unit of Jiangsu Yangnong chemical industry, which was put into operation at the end of August; Shandong xinyuehua's major automakers are launching an innovative 36000 ton/year cargo space engineering device, which will be put into operation in early October and can be commercialized within a month; Shandong Bohui 80000 T/a device is planned to be put into operation in November and supplied in the same month. The epichlorohydrin units expected to be built in 2007 include: 28000 T/a unit of Tianjin chemical industry, 20000 t/a unit of Anbang chemical industry, 25000 T/a unit of Sandie chemical industry, and 30000 T/a unit of Bluestar Yancheng. At that time, the shortage of epichlorohydrin supply and the monopoly of a few manufacturers will be gone forever

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