About 67% of the most popular U.S. communication e

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About 67% of the income of U.S. communication equipment enterprises comes from wireless

recently, research and markets, a research organization, published the latest report on the U.S. telecommunications equipment industry. The report shows that the U.S. telecommunications equipment industry has about 1500 companies with a total annual revenue of about $65billion, of which the 50 largest enterprises account for 75% of the total revenue. Major enterprises include 3Com, Cisco and Motorola. 5. When the test is completed, the subsidiaries of overseas communication equipment companies such as Alcatel lucent, Nokia, NEC and Siemens in the United States are also included

if the microcomputer has strong functions, it can print directly. The communication equipment manufacturing industry in the United States includes telecommunications, broadband, data communication, radio and television manufacturing industries, including radio and television industry. Two thirds of the revenue of enterprises comes from wireless communication equipment, while one third of the revenue comes from fixed communication equipment. The profitability of enterprises is closely related to technological innovation. 2. Meeting the standard: strength and market scale. The average revenue per employee in the U.S. communication equipment manufacturing industry is more than 500000 dollars. The equipment of large enterprises often comes from specialized small enterprises, so small enterprises can also succeed if they focus on specialized products

according to the report, the U.S. telecommunications industry is entering a transformation stage, the telecommunications equipment system is transformed into VoIP based, and the radio and television industry is transforming to high-definition television. These radical changes have provided new development opportunities for American communication equipment enterprises if all materials are tested. Communication industry

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