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The epidemic affected the resumption of paper projects or accelerated the elimination of backward production capacity

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the resumption of work in all space and land across the country is progressing steadily, and the major leading enterprises in the paper industry are also gradually resuming production

however, up to now, in the 2.2 million ton/year industrial packaging paper project of Shanying Huazhong Paper Co., Ltd., with a total investment of about 12billion yuan, the construction of the 1.27 million ton/year box board corrugated paper project in the early stage has been basically completed, but the resumption time has not been determined

on February 18, a person from Shanying paper Securities Department said in an interview with the recipient that at present, the company's new central China base has indeed not resumed work. Generally, the paper mill will not stop production during the Spring Festival, and now it has been shut down during the Spring Festival this year according to the policy requirements. However, it will not have a significant impact on the company so far

jiexiaolan, a researcher at Sinopharm, said that the delay in the resumption of Shanying paper may affect the supply of products using the same raw materials and processes, and cause downtime losses

it is reported that Shanying Huazhong paper project has a total investment of 12billion, covers an area of 2264 mu, and plans to build five production lines with an annual output of 2.2 million tons of packaging paper

"this project is a new project of the company. Even if it cannot be resumed now, it will not have a great impact on the overall operation of the company." According to a person from Shanying paper securities department, because the company has nine paper making bases, the annual output of base paper of the company is as high as 4.6 million tons. The new Huazhong paper base invested in Hubei will have an annual production capacity of 1.27 million tons after the completion of the preliminary project. At that time, the company's annual soft plastic packaging will be more environmentally friendly, save raw materials and transportation costs, and the planned production capacity will be close to 6million tons

According to jiexiaolan's analysis, although the pattern of the packaging paper industry is relatively scattered, the capacity layout of paper enterprises is mostly close to downstream customers, and the production bases of leading enterprises are mainly concentrated in North China, East China and the coastal areas of South China. In his view, under the general environment of weak downstream demand, it is judged that the pattern of excess supply in the industry will continue in 2020

combing the data, it is found that in addition to Shanying paper's central China base, there are also Rongcheng paper's nearly 10 billion paper project, jinfenghuang paper's Xiaogan 1.6 million ton high-strength corrugated base paper project, Huanggang Chenming 1.306 million ton forest pulp fiber yarn integration project, and Jianli Xiangxing paper's 1million ton packaging paper project in Hubei

Jie Xiaolan told that after the Spring Festival, the anti labor tide was cut off, the resumption of local paper projects in Hubei was not optimistic, and the packaging paper production capacity could not be resumed, which formed a sharp contrast to the post holiday labor demand released by a large number of paper mills

he said that at this stage, there is a shortage of raw materials (mainly waste paper). More than half of the finished paper in China's paper industry uses waste paper as raw material. However, each ton of waste paper is collected together through the chain of "waste pickers", packaging stations and paper mills. During the epidemic period, there is a large number of personnel intensive cross risks, which may reduce the efficiency of waste paper recycling and circulation, resulting in a shortage of waste paper raw materials

Shanying paper said that in the short term, due to the impact of the epidemic on logistics, raw material supply and other aspects, and the current epidemic is still continuing, it is expected to have a certain impact on the domestic production and sales of corrugated board. The final impact requires that the rolling wave of industry 4.0 has swept the world, depending on the development of the epidemic and the resumption of work of downstream customers. In the long run, this epidemic will help to eliminate the backward production capacity of the industry, promote more domestic fresh products to enter supermarket sales, promote online sales and the development of e-commerce, so as to increase the demand for packaging paper and promote the development of box board corrugated paper industry

Jie Xiaolan said that the competition pattern of the packaging paper industry is still fragmented. In 2018, the market share of box board Cr4 (the four leading enterprises) was 45%, and that of corrugated Cr4 was only 23%. The industry is currently experiencing the optimization of the competition pattern caused by the shortage of waste paper raw materials. In the long run, the pressure on paper prices is conducive to accelerating the continuous liquidation of small and medium-sized production capacity, and the leading enterprises with foreign waste quotas and overseas waste paper recycling capacity are expected to continue to benefit

in addition, with the resumption of the express industry, the rising demand will drive the price of packaging paper and waste paper to rise

"the price of packaging paper is likely to rise rapidly with the increase of waste paper price and terminal express demand." Jiexiaolan said to

at the same time, Jie Xiaolan analyzed that after the end of the epidemic, the independent fast food market may become the first choice for people. Today, with the trend of plastic limit sweeping, disposable paper containers for meals will usher in an explosion of demand! Food paper such as cup paper, food card and liquid wrapped paper may become the new favorite of the paper industry

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