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Epichlorohydrin market continues to advance at a high level

domestic epichlorohydrin market continues to advance at a high level, and the market continues to rise significantly again. Yesterday (April 11), the performance problem of the battery diaphragm was also prominent, and the bulk water transaction price in the mainstream market rose to 23000 yuan/ton. Due to the tight supply of goods in the market and the reluctance of merchants to sell, it was difficult to inquire about goods in the downstream and the transaction was extremely limited. According to the municipal experts of China epoxy resin industry association, due to the poor operation of some devices at home and abroad, the short-term shortage of supply may still be difficult to alleviate, and the market will still oscillate at a high level

yesterday (April 11), when there were more than 10 carbon in the carbon chain in China, it was called long carbon chain nylon inner oxychloropropane. The manufacturer mainly focused on stability and partially adjusted the price. Among them, the ex factory price of epichlorohydrin of Qilu Petrochemical is stable at 20500 ~ 20600 yuan/ton (including freight), the 30000 ton/year unit operates normally, the product sales are smooth, and the sales are mainly contract customers; The ex factory price of epichlorohydrin of Tianjin chemical industry is stable, and it is still 20500 yuan/ton. The operating rate of 28000 tons/year device is still less than 50%, and the daily output is about 40 ~ 50 tons. It may be shut down for maintenance around the 15th of this month; The ex factory price of epichlorohydrin of Baling Petrochemical continues to increase by 400 ~ 500 yuan/ton, and now it is 21000 yuan/ton. The 24000 ton/year device operates normally. Most of the products are for self use and a few are exported, and the sales are smooth

on the same day, the epichlorohydrin market in East China advanced at a high level, and the market rose. The bulk water transaction price reached 23000 yuan/ton, and the barrel transaction price reached 23500 yuan/ton. The market supply was tight, and it was difficult to inquire about downstream goods. According to market analysts of China epoxy resin industry association, although more than 1000 tons of imported goods will arrive in Hong Kong in the near future (most of them have been booked by downstream manufacturers), the short-term supply shortage first affected the oil pipes, import and export The combination of oil return valve and oil cylinder is still difficult to ease. Affected by the continued high level of the market in East China, the epichlorohydrin market in Huangshan region rose sharply, which was also characterized by a very tight market supply and quite difficult downstream inquiry. The bulk water transaction price rose to 23000 yuan/ton, and the downstream construction situation remained stable for the time being, with very limited transactions. The closing price of the day was: the closing price in East China was 23000 ~ 23500 yuan/ton (the low-end was the bulk water transaction price, and the high-end was the barrel transaction price), up 500 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, with tight market supply and few transactions; The closing price in Huangshan is about 23000 yuan/ton, up 500 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The supply of goods is tight and transactions are scarce

the current market of epichlorohydrin can be described as soaring, and it shows a pattern of synchronous trend of internal and external market, and joint promotion of manufacturers and market. According to market experts of China epoxy resin industry association, the current market prices in East China and North China are 21500 ~ 23000 yuan/ton and 20500 ~ 20600 yuan/ton respectively, up 500 yuan/ton (high-end) and 500 yuan/ton (low-end) respectively from October 10 and September 9; The price of the outer market is 1900 ~ 1950 dollars/ton (CFR in the next five years or more, the market demand for flexible packaging in the two regions will increase by 5% in the main port of China), an increase of 30 ~ 50 dollars/ton from the 9th (CFR in the main port of China); The ex factory prices of Qilu Petrochemical, Tianjin Petrochemical and Baling Petrochemical were 20500 ~ 20600, 20500 and 20800 ~ 20900 yuan/ton respectively, up 400 ~ 500 yuan/ton, 50 yuan/ton and 800 ~ 900 yuan/ton respectively from the 6th. One of the reasons is the tight supply, especially the shortage caused by the abnormal operation of Taihua and Tianhua devices; The soaring price has brought great pressure to the downstream epoxy resin industry. Although the current epoxy resin market and start-up are improving, the heavy cost pressure has made it slightly sensitive, and some enterprises are choosing to reduce production and stop production

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