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Under the COVID-19, the development of financial technology has ushered in new opportunities and challenges, and the digital transformation of the banking industry has also been given new connotation. As the financial service scene has changed, face-to-face services have been impacted, and the service and marketing capabilities of the hall have decreased significantly. Banks have to make efforts to provide online services, and the value of financial technology products and services such as intelligent customer service, intelligent operation, and data risk control has become prominent. Under the long-term impact of financial technology and the short-term impact of the COVID-19, the traditional business mode of the banking industry has been severely challenged. Air banking, contactless services, cloud services, etc. have become key words, and the development of China's banking industry has entered a new stage

remote banking ushered in the development window period

since the beginning of the year, in order to better play the role of Finance in supporting the epidemic prevention and control work and the real economy, the regulatory authorities have actively promoted and guided financial institutions to strengthen online services. On February 1, the people's Bank of China, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other five departments jointly issued the notice on further strengthening financial support for the prevention and control of covid-19 infection with pneumonia, proposing that financial institutions should strengthen online services nationwide, especially in areas with serious epidemic, and guide enterprises and residents to handle financial business through Internet, app and other online means. On February 14, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) issued the notice on further 4. Selection of cut rectangular samples for electronic universal testing machines: cut rectangular samples are pre cut samples to provide financial services for epidemic prevention and control, which requires strengthening the application of science and technology and innovating financial services. First, we should improve the efficiency of online financial services. All banking and insurance institutions should actively promote online business, strengthen the management and guarantee of online banking, banking, small programs and other electronic channels, optimize and enrich non-contact service channels, and provide safe and convenient financial services at home. The China Banking Association (hereinafter referred to as the China Banking Association) also issued the "proposal on supporting epidemic prevention and control with high-quality, fast and efficient financial services" to all members on January 27. Article 14 of the proposal advocates that the majority of member units make full use of online and offline services, and widely publicize and advocate customers' use of off the counter services such as banking and e-banking

financial institutions in the banking industry quickly took action to give full play to the advantages of online digitalization. As a window to maintain customer relations, customer service centers and remote banks fully connect with banks, banks, applets and other Internet channels, providing rich non-contact service scenarios. Under the epidemic, remote banks have created many new highlights of non-contact financial services, such as cloud consulting, cloud loans, cloud services, etc., highlighting the comprehensive value of unique service connotation, and becoming the home of online non-contact financial services

for example, the cloud studio carefully built by China Construction Bank remote banking and business sites is a new window for online and offline integrated digital services. It maintains close communication with sites, establishes a rapid response mechanism, and provides timely, efficient, and uninterrupted remote financial service guarantee for enterprises or individuals' bank certificate activation business. The Agricultural Bank of China has created a flagship product for corporate remote account opening, connected the video customer service system with corporate palm banking, and created a flagship product for corporate remote video face-to-face signing. Corporate legal persons can complete due diligence without seeing in person, so as to solve the pain points of non local legal persons unable to open accounts. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank launched the tangerine app, which handles the traditional personal loan business online 24 hours a day, providing more convenient, comprehensive and intelligent financial services. The air counter launched by Ping An Bank takes the pocket bank app as the carrier and relies on the remote counter service platform to migrate part of the traditional counter business to pocket bank, so that customers can enjoy the same banking services as the counter anytime and anywhere. Relying on remote video and face recognition technology, the customer service center of Bank of Nanjing has met some business needs of retail customers, enterprise customers and small and micro enterprise customers during the epidemic period. It has launched the bank's first risk assessment, e-Loan's first lending audit, corporate account opening legal person's face-to-face signature, etc. The customer service center of Bank of Hangzhou introduced the regulatory approved double recording solution, combined with face recognition technology + manual judgment, and provided customers with financial management first risk assessment, personal loan underwriting face-to-face signing and other services through remote video

remote banking opens a new service operation mode

in 2019, the China banking customer service center and remote banking development report released by the China Banking Association showed that financial technology has been influencing and changing the traditional bank customer service center. The four modernizations of the digital transformation of the banking industry have accelerated the pace of the construction of remote banking: first, intelligent services. Artificial intelligence leads the construction of intelligent customer service, which is mainly reflected in intelligent voice navigation, intelligent robots, intelligent quality inspection and other aspects; Second, channel integration, collaboration with SMS, bank, bank and other channels; Third, data application, through customer labels, portraits, modeling and other analysis, improve service and business capabilities; Fourth, business scenarios, through innovative marketing models, expand marketing channels

on November 21, 2019, the China Banking Association issued the first remote banking group standard of the banking industry, "remote banking customer service and operation specifications" (hereinafter referred to as the "specifications"), showing the new development concept of new standards, new services and new operations. It should be said that remote banking is another new operation mode of Digital Banking after direct banking and Internet banking. To make an analogy, remote banking is a new business, Internet banking is its brain, direct selling banks and banks are its two wings, and business sites are its fulcrum. The most important thing to develop remote banking is to use Internet thinking. Remote banking reflects the current service and operation mode in line with China's national conditions. In fact, more than a decade ago, there were similar operation modes abroad, such as the human + machine mode of Carson wealth management and the remote wealth management mode of Morgan Stanley

the specification further defines the definition of remote banking: a comprehensive financial service center that is independently established and transformed from a customer service center, has the function of organizing and operating banking business, and carries out customer service and customer operation through remote means with the help of modern scientific and technological means. At the same time, the code takes technological empowerment and intelligent operation as the main line throughout, which is also the two wheel driving force for the construction and development of remote banks. The specification also highlights the three major positioning of remote banking services, operations and operations. Among them, customer service is the basic work and inheritance; Customer management is the upgrading of value and innovation. For the first time, the specification brings the customer management system of remote banking into the standard framework, which goes beyond the scope of the previous customer service center service specifications. In the transformation from customer service to customer operation, traditional point customer resources are limited and the scale of point operation is relatively small. Remote banking can expand customer coverage, which is a very effective measure to create new sources of income. The release of the code has become a new milestone in the banking field, which is not only of great significance for promoting the standardized construction and innovative development of customer service centers and remote banks, but also will play a positive role in the digital transformation of the entire Chinese banking industry and the implementation of fintech empowerment

the guiding ideology of the development of remote banking: the scene of the front desk, the intelligence of the middle desk, and the cloud of the back desk, emphasizing that remote banking is a comprehensive financial service center and a smart middle desk. With the advantages of financial technology, compared with traditional offline banks, remote banks will realize the transformation of banking service mode in the future, which is mainly reflected in the following three aspects. First, the transformation from customer service to customer management; Second, from voice carrier to multi carrier, remote banking abandons the mode of providing services to customers by relying on traditional and single service channels, and adopts networking, multimedia and other platforms to provide customers with all-round, three-dimensional, zero distance remote comprehensive financial services; Third, the transformation from service consultation to business handling. Relying on intelligent construction, remote banks enrich online service capabilities and can meet customers' business handling needs for various bank transactions, advisory investment and wealth management and value-added services in real time, comprehensively, quickly and professionally. Unlike direct banks and Internet banks, remote banks' unique development model has been preliminarily tested in practice and accelerated during the epidemic

the innovative practice of remote banking has blossomed

as of March 2020, 12 bank customer service centers in the industry have been renamed remote banks, including ICBC remote banking center, China Construction Bank remote intelligent banking center, postal savings bank remote banking center, China Everbright Bank digital finance department remote banking center, China Merchants Bank Network operation service center, etc. In the transformation practice from customer service centers to remote banks, banks have formed a variety of operation and management modes by combining the bank's strategy to determine the profile and organizational structure of static metal material mechanical property testing machine

ICBC remote banking center was established in 2018. It belongs to the channel sector and is positioned as an omni channel service center, a shared connection center and a remote marketing center. ICBC remote banking center has continuously deepened the integration of online and offline channels by improving intelligent + artificial Online + offline remote + near-field, and promoted intelligent customer service to more than 20 service channels, such as financial E-bank, financial e-union and so on. In addition, Baidu knows that it has built an important online facade + customer service platform for ICBC

China Merchants Bank's innovative remote service mode, service + operation + operation, belongs to the large retail sector. In terms of channel construction, it covers China Merchants Bank remote banking, China Merchants Bank app, palm life app and its official account channels. On the one hand, focusing on financial attributes, in 2016, the remote banking center began the remote centralized operation of the double gold customer group, taking the bank as the main position of remote operation to realize online interaction with customers. Driven by data analysis, we use various interactive data of customers in the bank to segment, portrait, group and establish various business models. On the other hand, it focuses on non-financial attributes, covering diversified life scenes, such as the merchant alliance of the Bank of clothing, food and housing, convenience platform, social security, fiscal non tax business, cloud payment business, smart parking, education, medical treatment, etc

the remote banking mode of Minsheng Bank focuses on creating online banking services with temperature, which belongs to the large operation system. In September, 2018, Minsheng Bank released remote banking 1.0, which provides four services: first, face-to-face video based trading services; Second, cloud housekeeper service based on multimedia consulting service; Third, wealth management services; Fourth, direct customer loan services. Relying on the centralized business operation and air customer service team, with the help of identity recognition, high-speed audio and video transmission, intelligent voice and other technologies, combined with the construction of offline logistics delivery system, we will create a new remote banking service mode that can be reached at home

during the epidemic, the customer service centers of banks and jjg1136 (2) 017 stipulated that their noise index was 80dB. Remote banks strengthened the application of financial technology, and innovatively launched home customer service financial services, which played a positive role in combating the epidemic, ensuring customer service, and helping to resume work and production. At present, there are four main modes of home customer service construction. First, PSTN remote agent mode is to automatically transfer customer calls to the individual of the agent. The agent can connect at home without going to work on site, so as to meet the answering and processing needs of personnel who cannot arrive at the post in an emergency. This mode deployment

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