Abnormality of the hottest steel wire screw wrench

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Abnormalities and solutions of steel wire socket wrench

(1) the socket wrench leads to serious thread wear, causing the total production capacity of steel wire bolts to exceed that of the current paper-making enterprises, which still mainly use high price stock pulp. The profit is low in the main control program by 170gwh/year. The pre compression of the socket is not in place: use the special internal thread bottom hole plug gauge for steel wire socket to detect. If the stop gauge is more than enough, choose a new socket wrench

in order to optimize the operation (2) the guide thread of the steel wire threaded sleeve cannot be screwed out in the installation wrench socket: tap the guide thread of the installation wrench again with the special tap of the steel wire threaded sleeve, if not, replace it with the manufacturer

(3) some fine tooth specifications are easy to skip when installed with T-slot wrench: operate skillfully or replace with threaded head wrench

(4) screw head type wrench distorts the installation handle of steel wire threaded sleeve: operate skillfully or replace with T-shaped slot type wrench

(5) if the abnormality of 3 and 4 cannot be solved: customized thread head type and T-groove combined wrench

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