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The epichlorohydrin market remained at a high level yesterday (the 4-ball screw was on the 25th of the month of rotation friction), the supply of goods in the domestic epichlorohydrin market was still tight, and the market remained at a high level. The transaction price in East China was more than 26000 yuan/ton, the transaction price in Huangshan was 26300 ~ 26500 yuan/ton, and the highest transaction price in the domestic market could be 28000 yuan/ton. It shall be fastened in time; According to the introduction, the import volume of epichlorohydrin in March was only at the level of 11227 tons, but the imported goods of nearly 2000 tons will successively arrive at the fire-retardant level and reach the port of B1 level. At that time, the shortage of supply will be alleviated to a certain extent

on that day, the price of epichlorohydrin in East China, the domestic mainstream market, was still at a high level. Traders still basically did not take the initiative to quote and were reluctant to sell. The transaction price was more than 26000 yuan/ton, and a small number of transactions were at the high level of 28000 yuan/ton. The market price was chaotic, but after the following analysis, there was no mainstream transaction, basically sporadic small order transactions, the downstream construction situation was ok, and the supply of goods was still very tight and the transactions were rare; The market in Huangshan, where solid resin enterprises are concentrated, is also high, with the mainstream transaction price of 26300 ~ 26500 yuan/ton, and the spot transaction price of more than 26000 yuan/ton. Some transactions are contract goods in the early stage, and the price is slightly lower. The operation of downstream epoxy resin manufacturers remains stable, the market rises, and the goods are received actively. The closing situation of the day was: the closing price in East China was 26000 yuan/ton, and some transaction prices were 26800 yuan/ton. The market supply was relatively tight, and the downstream inquiry was difficult and the transaction was rare; The closing price in Huangshan area is about 26300 ~ 26500 yuan/ton, the supply is tight, the downstream receiving is difficult, and the transaction is rare

the ex factory prices of the two domestic manufacturers that maintained normal production and operation remained at the level of last weekend. Market experts said that the ex factory price of epichlorohydrin of Qilu Petrochemical was stable at 26000 ~ 26300 yuan/ton (including freight), and the 30000 ton/year device operated normally. The products were mainly sold to contract customers, with smooth sales and tight supply; The ex factory price of epichlorohydrin of Baling Petrochemical is stable at 26000 ~ 26300 yuan/ton, and the 24000 ton/year unit operates normally. Most of the products are for self use, and the external sales volume is small. They are mainly supplied to contract users, and the supply of goods is tight. At present, the general characteristic of the domestic epichlorohydrin market is still that the market is extremely high but the transaction is insufficient, that is to say, the market lacks the support of volume and belongs to the upward empty volume. This characteristic further indicates that there are hype factors in the market, which need to be returned, otherwise it will be detrimental to the downstream in the long run

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