The hottest epichlorohydrin increased its price si

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Epichlorohydrin prices increased significantly again

"on August 11, Shandong Haili chemical company increased the price of epichlorohydrin significantly again, and the offer price increased by 1000 yuan (ton price, the same below) To 13000 yuan, the price reached a new high in the past two years. Since August, there has been a team to do a good job in the production of each model of epichlorohydrin. The factory's offer has been increased by 2500 yuan in total. In the future, the factory has a strong willingness to support prices, and there is also a certain support in the cost side. The market may continue to rise. " According to the analysis of insiders, the current rate of epichlorohydrin market is such that the tensile space of vertical tensile testing machine is less than 5 meters

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