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Epichlorohydrin market

after a round of adjustment, the domestic epichlorohydrin market has temporarily entered a stable situation, but the inquiry, demand and transaction situation have not changed. Market experts believe that the main characteristics of the market in the last day (August 3, 2020) can be summarized as several "unchanged": first, the ex factory price has not changed, and the manufacturers unanimously implement the price of 23800 ~ 24000 yuan/ton; Second, the market price remains unchanged, and the market transaction price is basically at the same level as the ex factory price; Third, the downstream demand for goods has not changed, and the epoxy resin industry that the downstream search engine returns to users is still on the sidelines; Fourth, the market status of merchants has not changed. Many traders' market status is still off the market, and there is no final conclusion about the following operations

in China last day (August 3), but our firm commitment to customers and meeting their needs will not change. The manufacturer's ex factory price is stable and unified: Qilu Petrochemical implements 23800 ~ 24000 yuan/ton (including freight), 32000 tons/year, the unit operates normally, and the sales and shipment remain normal after the price adjustment, still focusing on contract sales; Tianjin Chemical Factory delivered 23800 yuan/ton (including freight), and the product sales were normal. The 28000 ton/year device had been unstable before, but it was not confirmed by the manufacturer; The ex factory price of Baling Petrochemical is 24000 yuan/ton (which may cause vibration or pipeline leakage, including freight). The 32000 ton/year device operates normally, and the products are mainly for self use and export, accounting for about one third. The market price of that day was still at the front line of 23800 ~ 24000 yuan/ton. According to market experts, the mainstream quotation in East China was 24000 ~ 24200 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price was 23800 ~ 24000 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in Huangshan is 24000 ~ 24300 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price is 23800 ~ 24000 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in North China is 24000 ~ 24200 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price is 23800 ~ 24000 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in South China is 24100 ~ 24400 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price is 23900 ~ 24100 yuan/ton

from the domestic perspective, the reduction of epichlorohydrin market is the leader of manufacturers. In fact, the external market plays an important role. Because domestic demand depends on the international market to a large extent, foreign suppliers have a "voice" weight. According to the analysis of market experts, the early looseness of the outer market is due to the weak promotion of sales and the reduction of anti-dumping tax rate; Central American companies, foreign suppliers, have greater influence, while Russian companies, although operating in a decentralized manner, have greater influence due to the majority. At present, epichlorohydrin bulk water offers 2300 ~ 2350 dollars/ton (CFR main port of China), and the latest lower firm offer is 2300 dollars/ton (out of the tank); The offer of 2350 ~ 2400 US dollars/ton (CFR main port of China) and 2400 ~ 2500 US dollars/ton (CFR main port of China) for barrel cargo was not well received

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