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During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, in order not to affect citizens' handling of telecommunications business, Chinatelecom Beijing (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Telecom) actively explored ways such as video customer service and biosuccinium butyric acid bio based chemical monomer customer service seats displayed at the reverdia booth at home, so as to ensure that services do not drop during the epidemic

at 16:30 p.m. on February 11, 2020, Beijing Telecom video customer service welcomed its first user, Ms. Wei, who lives near Xiangshan, Beijing. According to Ms. Wei, as usual, she would go to the nearest Chinatelecom business hall to handle broadband reconnection and renewal services, but it was inconvenient to go out due to the epidemic, so she asked No. 10000 for help

Beijing Telecom No. 10000 video customer service successfully received the user, and completed the business for him at the first time. For the business that could only be completed after going out to the hall, the verification process was completed in a few minutes of relaxed and happy video conversation. Ms. Wei, who had never experienced video customer service, smiled with joy all the way and praised the attentive, considerate and warm service of Beijing Telecom video customer service

since February 6, Beijing Telecom began to explore video customer service and quickly set up a project team. After five days and nights of continuous fighting, on February 11, Beijing Telecom No. 10000 video customer service officially provided external services to users with specific needs, such as card replacement, broadband renewal and recovery, which could only be handled at the business hall site. In the future, he said that he would continue to explore and develop more business scenarios to meet the needs of users who do business without leaving home

at the same time, in order to reduce personnel gathering, Beijing Telecom also actively explored the home agent remote intelligent working mode of customer service personnel. According to the telecom staff, the improper matching of home customer service seats with microcomputer controlled automatic control systems and display systems and the addition of different methyl groups is only a change in the geographical location of the staff, and more involves remote computer adaptation, system login, production flow, business scene testing and many other links

in order to overcome the difficulties of the process, Beijing Telecom organized the technical backbone to sink to each service unit, and the business backbone contracted the business scenarios by classification, and the production and operation backbone participated in the detection. After many tests and breakthroughs, Beijing Telecom 10000 home agent service was successfully launched on January 30. Customer service personnel can answer users at home and provide services for users

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