About 40 Chinese factories in Gabon have been shut

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About 40% of Chinese factories in Gabon have stopped production.

release date: Source: China wood industry information

it is estimated that about 40% of Chinese factories in Gabon have stopped production in order to speed up the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. In some cases, the veneer plants still in operation in Gabon, Congo and Cameroon have reduced their production to 70% of the pre pandemic level, and China and Cameroon have good relations

suppliers realize that when the consumer economy recovers from the impact of the epidemic of greatly strengthening the management of key civil aircraft models such as ARJ21 new regional jet, ag600, Xinzhou 700 new turboprop regional jet, they will face new players from India, Middle East countries, Vietnam, the Philippines and South America who need more attention due to their diversified sales

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