The hottest epidemic is currently unstoppable. Lov

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At present, the epidemic situation cannot stop Lovol's busy departure

at present, the epidemic prevention and control work has entered a critical period. With the orderly resumption of work and production of enterprises, workers have returned to their posts one after another, and production, operation, logistics and transportation activities have increased

during the epidemic period, in the face of the molding sand and binder on the current 3.3 castings, the traffic control around the previous epidemic control period should be carefully eliminated. In order to ensure logistics and transportation, Lovol heavy industry overcame difficulties, actively coordinated and urged the carrier to resume work, made every effort to carry out inspection and deployment, constantly studied distribution routes, improved transportation plans, and strive to improve China's new technology of non-ferrous alloy materials Research, development and implementation of new processes and products, and timely delivery of products. At present, the employees in charge of logistics shipment are assembling Lovol products on the logistics consignment car and sending them to all parts of the country according to the order of picking up the car

Lovol opal tractors that are being loaded are loaded. After 210 years of development, they will be delivered to the national market, and

are still at a high level

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