The hottest epichlorohydrin market is still domina

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The epichlorohydrin market is still dominated by narrow consolidation.

the domestic epichlorohydrin market is stable and slightly weak. At the weekend, the mainstream market in East China closed at the level of yuan/ton, down from yuan/ton last week. Domestic manufacturers continued to maintain stability. Some enterprises implemented the deferred settlement method to ensure smooth sales and shipments, which calmed the restless market mentality to a certain extent. This week, the overall delivery rhythm of current detection is peaceful. Downstream factories purchase on demand, and the market supply is mainly domestic goods. At present, the import resources are relatively limited, and the domestic market supply competition is mainly dominated by the competition of domestic products. Among them, Shandong Bohui 80000 T/a epichlorohydrin starts rising steadily, and there are different price gaps in various regions. Under the flexible operation of intermediaries, the overall market fluctuates slightly, which has become one of the main attractions of the market

negotiations on the external market were light, and few domestic importers were interested in some high-priced external market. At the same time, I heard that some bulk cargo negotiations would begin in early 2007, and the import market would shrink greatly. The valuation of Asian ECH barrels was at USD/T CFR China's main port, and the high-end was down $50/T compared with last week

with the continuous increase of the breakpoint of domestic new production capacity, the domestic market competition will become more intense. In 2007, the domestic output will be in a severe situation of oversupply, and the quality and cost performance of Chinese products can be comparable with imported goods. However, due to environmental protection problems, few units have been put into production in Europe and the United States in recent years, and the production capacity is in a stable state, with a certain raw material gap, Therefore, in the future, export resale will become one of the important quick and intuitive choices for domestic manufacturers

ports in Europe, America and Asia: it is reported that 500 tons of epichlorohydrin in South Korea were sent from Ulsan to Bangkok, Thailand on December; On December, 1000 tons of epichlorohydrin arrived in Changzhou, and the departure port was Ulsan, South Korea; In January 2007, 500 tons of epichlorohydrin were exported from Yokoham hardness scale a (Yokohama) in Japan to aljubail

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