Precautions for home decoration wire threading

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In the construction of home decoration, almost all wires are threaded in PVC pipes and buried in the wall. Therefore, after the wire is threaded into the PVC pipe, the consumer cannot see it at all, and many problems are often hidden, and it is difficult to replace. If the workers are not careful in operation, the wires will be twisted in the pipe, causing hidden dangers of electricity. If workers deliberately cut corners, they will use wires with connectors or thread several wires in the same PVC pipe

consumers had better buy Wires by themselves, then supervise workers' operation on site, and conduct power on inspection after installation. In addition, consumers must let the decoration company leave a “ In the pipeline diagram, especially the joint position of the pipeline should be marked, so that once there is a fault, the line position can be found immediately

the following matters must be paid attention to when wiring:

1. The pipes shall be laid according to the grooves opened at the construction site. When laying pipes in rooms with water, the electric pipes shall be laid on the wall and top. Strong and weak wires are not allowed to go on the ground of the kitchen and bathroom balcony

2. The layout of wall pipes should be smooth and vertical, and there should be no bends as far as possible. If there are bends, there should be no obvious creases at the corners. The distance between strong and weak current must be greater than or equal to 150mm to prevent the cable signal from being unclear. The distance between gas pipe and electric pipe shall not be less than 150mm

3. The height of switches installed in rows should be consistent, and the height difference should not be greater than 2mm. The distance between the cassette boxes is 10mm, the height of the socket from the ground is generally at least 300mm, and the position of the switch is generally 1300mm from the ground

4. When threading, the sum of the cross-sectional areas of the wires in a conduit must be less than 40% of the cross-sectional area in the conduit. Generally, the number of 16mm wires should not exceed 3, and the number of 20mm wires should not exceed 4

5. Strong and weak wires should be laid through pipes, and different types of wires should not be installed in the same pipe. In the process of wiring, the junction box is used at the junction of wire pipes, and the junction cap is used at the junction. Color separation is required when wiring

6. The ceiling lighting line uses hose (more than 200mm), and the fixed bracket of the pipe in the ceiling is set up in a row of lamp center lines. When connecting multiple socket wires of the socket box and multiple switches, arch connection is not allowed, and branch connection shall be carried out after LC crimping cap is used to crimp the main head. Lock shall be used to put the wire pipe into the box, and the wire head 15cm in the box must be looped

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