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Once the 4998 yuan black-and-white paint cabinet recently launched by Rongshida was listed, it achieved good results in the market in just 20 days. Thanks to the detailed implementation policy, special promotion team and assessment team, the paint cabinet can quickly occupy the market

in today's increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises often hold some promotional activities to attract consumers' desire to buy in order to make products enter the market as soon as possible and occupy market share. Nevertheless, there are still many enterprises whose activities have not achieved good results, and some of them have not even achieved the expected results

the promotion of another bottle was once famous in the market and has become an important promotional tool for beverage brands of all sizes. However, since 2009, with the increase and upgrading of the winning rate of another bottle of promotional activities, its problems have erupted, and almost all major brands have encountered the problem of difficult promotion implementation. Activities from consumers to terminals, distributors, dealers and even the enterprise itself have encountered major problems of difficult implementation

in addition, the marketing team and dealers of the enterprise did not pay attention to the activities, and the enterprise did not assess or motivate the business personnel. Once many activities are launched, there will be a situation of "policies at the top and Countermeasures at the bottom". Business personnel will not take the initiative to promote. Before the products go to the market, they are first denied by their own marketing team and dealers, and the activities cannot be well promoted

in this way, when carrying out market activities, enterprises need to have strong implementation policies, efficient implementation, perfect market guidance, etc. to solve various difficult implementation problems when carrying out activities. Maximize the psychological distance between consumers and products and enterprises, attract a group of stable loyal consumer groups, and thus most effectively promote the improvement of product sales performance

Zhongshan Rongshida kitchen and bathroom appliance Co., Ltd. recently launched an extreme product - 4998 yuan black-and-white paint cabinet, and held large-scale promotional activities in the national market. In just 20 days, it has achieved good results in the market. And this is also inseparable from perfect strategic planning. When Rongshida carried out the whole activity, it has established a detailed activity implementation plan, including the role of General Commander, general coordinator and other similar supervisors, as well as the specific person in charge of each region and project. In terms of the division of responsibilities, the principle of clear and definite is embodied, and special personnel are specially assigned to avoid the occurrence of unclear responsibilities and mutual wrangling, so as to ensure the efficient implementation of execution

not only that, Rongshida also has perfect market guidance during the activity. The reason why Rongshida "happy agreement 4998 paint storm" can achieve such success is that it has a good promotion team. Rongshida has special promotion personnel all over the country to guide and help local dealers to carry out a series of activities. Assist in the sales of products, the competitive products operated by dealers, the overall sales statistics of regional markets, assist dealers or terminals in promotion, the placement of company promotional materials, and the specific reflection of dealers on the company's products. Let the dealers always keep in line with the market strategy of Rongshida in the whole activity, and integrate the corporate culture at the same time

Rongshida also sent the inspection team of the company during the event to assess the dealers all over the country, as well as the systematic implementation of the whole event, such as on-site guidance, replication, inspection, rectification, pressure, summary, incentive and so on, so as to create an iron army with efficient execution and strengthen the effective implementation of execution

good products need good activity promotion. Good activity promotion needs perfect strategic planning and perfect market guidance and support of enterprises to ensure the efficient implementation of activities. Just like Rongshida's "happy agreement 4998 paint storm", the detailed implementation policy, special promotion team and assessment team enable its paint cabinet to quickly occupy the market and achieve extraordinary results




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