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Change the decoration concept: it's better to spend money to hire experts than to stare at the construction site. In recent two years, many owners' decoration concept has changed. Instead of "staring at the construction site half dead, it's better to spend money to hire an expert to help me". Home decoration supervision also surfaced. It is different from the internal supervision of decoration companies. It is a third-party organization entrusted by the owner to check the project investment, quality and progress. It is not restrained by the decoration company, and its main functions include reviewing the drawings and budgets of the decoration company, accepting the incoming raw materials, controlling the construction quality, and assisting the owner in the completion acceptance of the project. So what kind of person is suitable for supervision? What should we pay attention to when looking for a supervision company

>& gt;& gt; According to the statistics of the Consumer Association, a considerable part of the owners' complaints are due to busy work or frequent business trips, permanent work in other places, and there is no time to take into account the home decoration before a series of quality disputes occur, such as concealed works, ceiling works, and joinery works, which are easy to make mistakes, If you don't have twoorthree idle "supervisors" and the ability to check the construction quality, it's really easy to leave future troubles. The benefits of such household supervision are mainly to reduce consumption risks and home decoration disputes

figure saving type

many home decoration owners reported that there were not idle people at home, nor did they know any common sense of decoration, but they felt that home decoration was too tired, too worried, too troublesome, too laborious, so they went to ask the supervisor for help. The supervision company helps the owner review the decoration company to prevent irregular enterprises and illegal guerrillas from participating in the decoration. It can also help the owner review the design scheme and decoration quotation to prevent overestimation, speculation and loss. Such an owner plans to be a worry free and relaxed one

heavy quality and money saving type

this kind of money saving is in terms of breadth. Specifically, the supervisor helps users sign formal, reasonable and standardized decoration contracts to prevent home decoration companies from cheating the owners and preventing the owners from spending money unjustly, which is a kind of money saving in itself. The supervisor helps the owner to review the decoration scheme and quotation, prevent overestimation and rash calculation and unlimited price increase in the medium term, and enable the user to pay a reasonable decoration price, which is also a kind of money saving. The supervision company helps the owner to inspect the decoration materials, prevent fake and inferior materials from entering the construction site, and enable the user to decorate the real goods with value for money. It is also a money saving measure to spend the same money without using fake materials, and to use real materials

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What are the main responsibilities of supervision?

according to Gao Wei, assistant to the general manager of a supervision company, some decoration companies have excessive price budgets, often raise prices during construction, and even calculate more or steal materials. A supervisor can plug the price loophole and let the owner spend his money clearly. If the decoration company receives too much business in the short term, the construction personnel may not be in place in time, resulting in the delay of the construction period. The supervision committee will timely supervise and coordinate according to the contract progress to ensure that the construction period is carried out on schedule

in addition, the quality of many construction processes, especially the quality of water, electricity, coal and other projects, is not beyond the inspection and control of professionals. The supervisors have received professional training, and they will carry out preventive treatment and strict acceptance of each process, such as main material mobilization inspection, water circuit reconstruction project inspection, waterproof project inspection, anti termite project inspection, ceiling project inspection, joinery project inspection, door and window project inspection, ground wall laying project inspection, paint project inspection, hydropower equipment installation project inspection, etc. As a qualified supervision company, it should stand on the position of "third party", serve the owner fairly, and do not give up the principle or deliberately find fault. In the whole decoration process, it should coordinate the relationship between the owner and the decoration company, and combine supervision and help, so that the predetermined goals of the owner and the decoration company can be perfectly achieved. Establishing the third-party supervision mechanism of home decoration can standardize the home decoration market, improve the decoration quality, reduce disputes, and make the decoration of owners more at ease

when choosing a home decoration supervision company, consumers must first check the qualification of the supervision company, select a supervision company with high qualification level, and issue the "home decoration project supervision acceptance report" and a full set of home decoration supervision files after the completion of supervision

it should be noted that the Ministry of construction's "Regulations on the management of the qualification of engineering supervision enterprises" divides the qualification levels of engineering supervision enterprises into class A, class B and class C, and divides them into several engineering categories according to the nature and technical characteristics of the project. Each level has a certain level standard and a certain supervision scope. At present, there is a phenomenon of private supervision in society, and there are also supervision enterprises without qualifications issued by the Ministry of construction. The legal department will not recognize the house inspection report or quality inspection report issued by these unqualified supervision companies




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