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The tea table is the furniture matched with the sofa. It is an indispensable member of the living room and has dual functions of practicality and decoration

the tea table is the furniture matching the sofa. It is an essential member of the living room and has dual functions of practicality and decoration. The selection of the tea table should be based on the style, color, texture and shape of the sofa. We should pay attention to the following aspects:

· the shape and color of the tea table should not only match the style, color, texture and shape of the sofa, but also adapt to and coordinate with the decoration style of the room and the overall style of the living room. If you put a green sofa with a red coffee table, that effect is definitely something you don't like. If your living room is equipped with fabric sofa, solid wood floor and square or rectangular full wood tea table, it will undoubtedly be smooth and elegant. If you buy a leather sofa, the extra thick tempered glass table with stainless steel foot rest is also quite modern

・ choose tea tables for different purposes according to your needs

of course, a small tea table is used for a single sofa. If it is placed in front of a sofa for two or three people, it must be a large tea table; If the sofa is placed against the corner, a square tea table should also be placed. You can also choose single-layer and double-layer tea tables according to the actual use

・ practical principle

tea tables with different textures have different shapes and effects. When choosing, practicality should be the first. The steel tea table with super thick carved glass table also shows a luxurious style; The sculptural artistic tea table is beautiful and vivid, giving people a unique feeling, but it is best configured in the living room with elegant and solemn style. Solid wood tea table also has stable, generous and practical efficiency

large tea tables made of large pieces of scenic granite or marble are popular and popular in recent years, because this kind of material has a good sense of gravity and strong natural flavor. If the color of the table is coordinated with the color of the sofa, and irregular table shapes are selected according to different aesthetic standards, it will show different general charm and send out elegant and leisure feelings

no matter what texture of tea table you use, the variety and perfection of shapes and your own appreciation and hobbies, let it give full play to the function of decorating your living room

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