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After staying in the door and window industry for a long time, I can see a lot of things, which is the accumulation of experience

1. Now is not an opportunity to promote immature new products, unless your products can be understood at a glance and convinced as soon as you use them

2. Those who have factories in big cities should take the initiative to withdraw. The sooner the better. The original factories can be changed into warehouses and office distribution centers

3. Now, without popularity, brand and sufficient funds, don't fantasize about joining in. It's too late, which has nothing to do with the quality of the product

4. Regional brands should not fantasize about developing nationwide. It is very important to promote them nationwide, but the purpose is to consolidate and improve the advantages of the regional market

5. Don't blindly adhere to the thinking of high quality and high price. Through the automation of production equipment and modernization of management, high quality and low price are the right way

6. Only by giving up the idea of small and comprehensive can the long board theory be effective; Short board cooperation to make up for, develop long board, outsourcing is the best shortcut

7. A good product does not necessarily have a good market, so promotion is very important

8. Cross the border and examine yourself with layman's thinking

9. 10-30% are produced by themselves, and the rest are trade. The product line should be extended as much as possible, and high, medium and low-grade products should be operated to meet more needs of customers

10. Don't make strange products

11. Cooperate with retail stores to expand brand coverage

12. The mode of sharing exhibition hall can be considered

13. Participate in industry activities and collect information

14. Joint, commissioned and cooperative production

15. Find your own product advantages, highlight publicity, and win at one point

16. Reduce the dependence on personnel, study human resources, use and cultivate at different levels, and reduce useless work

17. Use, repair and influence channels. Don't try to build by yourself because of cost and time cost

18. Try not to use "e; Apprentice "e; Products. The apprentice knows all the ways of the master, especially the apprentice who is trusted by the master. If you use apprentice's products, you will certainly get a lower price, but you will lose the opportunity of the master to improve the products and the position in the industry. If one day, your apprentice set up another portal with your product, will you believe that you will lose? Of course not. Master will always be master, unless master doesn't want to make progress and is determined to quit the Jianghu

19. Don't believe that you can succeed if you get the master's drawings and purchase channels. It is difficult to manage a team, which requires not only capital, technology and experience, but also wisdom and mind

20. Don't believe in the ability of individuals, but the power of teams, partners, channels and brands

21. Don't fantasize about miracles in new projects. Do the old projects well first, and at least keep them in a state of maintenance, so that they can reach a new level

22. Don't be superstitious about 4.0. Most people won't buy the limited edition of luxury goods. Learn from Xiaomi mobile phones and do ordinary products well. The same price and quality are the best

23. Don't rely solely on franchising to establish channels. The speed is too slow. We should use three ways to cover the national market: direct sales, franchising, and consignment stores

24. It is more important to give customers a reason to reduce prices

25. Don't think that finding the right person can relax. It's irresponsible to hand over your life and wealth to others. The boss has no retreat, but only success or failure. Executives can leave, at least there are lessons of failure

26. For brand promotion and salary determination, the boss must decide by himself, and cannot let subordinates take their own plans. Because, this is your business, your money, no one can be responsible

27. You can't open 600 stores nationwide by yourself. You need to rely on the strength of dealers to expand and truly form a level, from point to area

28. It is a good habit to join in the fun. The boss will find opportunities and reflect on himself in every seemingly boring join in the fun

29. Being a boss should be atmospheric. It should be atmospheric to excellent employees, ideal partners and high-quality suppliers. Although it seems that you spend more money, the biggest reward you get is that they are willing to work with you

30. Saying that your product is good is the first step, which is an argument. Then you should study and produce good arguments to support the argument, otherwise it is bragging

31. We should be good at making product advantages. The 5mm ultra white glass produced by China Glass Holdings is only about 3 yuan per square meter more expensive than ordinary glass, but the advantages of light transmittance and self exposure prevention are very prominent. If you use such glass, your " The window is good " There is one more argument or selling point

32. Brand promotion should be straightforward. It's enough to tell potential partners your advantages, personally experience your product performance, and do a good job in follow-up services. Everyone just has different division of labor. In addition to technical courses, there is no need to talk about others, because they are more experienced

33. Reduce the establishment of marketing team, and your marketing team is in the channel and brand. Without channels and brands, no matter how many people are useless

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