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Newell was the only enterprise in the smart lock industry to participate in the 2018 China home preferred brand leadership summit and the China home preferred brand launch ceremony, and the only enterprise in the smart lock industry to receive the 2018 "trusted China home preferred brand"

South Korea is the most mature and advanced country in the global intelligent lock industry. As early as the early 1990s, the smart lock industry in South Korea has begun to take shape. After more than 20 years of development, the penetration rate of smart locks in South Korea has reached 80%, far higher than that in China, Japan and other countries, as well as Europe and the United States. The fast-growing market and user demand also gave birth to many brands, such as Samsung, Newell, gateman, nomes, Miri and so on

in recent years, with the increasing demand of Chinese consumers for smart locks, many Korean brands have also shifted their attention to the Chinese market. In addition to Samsung's entry into the Chinese market, Korean brands such as Newell and gettman have also made efforts in the Chinese market

recently, at the "2018 China's preferred home furnishing Brand Leadership Summit and China's preferred home furnishing brand launch ceremony" held by Beijing Vista International Hotel, there was another big news. Newell from South Korea not only became the only smart lock participant in the conference, but also the only enterprise in the smart lock industry that was rated as the "trusted China's preferred home furnishing brand" in 2018

it is reported that this summit, with the theme of "focusing on brand and leading consumption", is jointly hosted by the home consumption special committee of China private science and technology Industrialists Association and the green home Committee of China Interior Decoration Association, and hosted by qijia.com, preferred home.com, home.315.com and China consumer.com - home world. The summit aims to provide correct development ideas and directions for enterprises in the industry and promote the benign development of the industry by setting a benchmark for the household industry. As the only participant and award-winning enterprise in the smart lock industry, Newell has been recognized by the Chinese market and users

as we all know, in recent years, with the popularity of the concept of smart home, smart lock, as an important part of it, has gradually been recognized by consumers. Coupled with the addition of the concept of "smart", smart lock has become an emerging field for major giants to compete for layout. According to relevant data, there are more than 2000 enterprises involved in the R & D, production and sales of smart locks, including Haier, Xiaomi, 360, Huawei, Lenovo, Hikvision, Dahua and other large enterprises. Under the siege of many giants, why can Newell, an enterprise from South Korea, break out of the siege and become the biggest winner of this summit

in response, Mr. bahadil, the commercial director of Newell brand, said in an interview during the event: "I am honored and grateful to Newell for being awarded the 'trusted preferred brand of Chinese home furnishings'." And shared with the delegates the concept of Newell brand and the plan for 2019

according to Mr. bahadil, Newell can achieve today's achievements. First of all, as a high-tech manufacturing enterprise integrating the development, manufacturing, sales and service of smart home, Newell has always focused on the research and production of precision instruments and smart home devices, especially smart locks, for many years. The reason why we choose smart lock as the main business segment is that as the entrance of smart home, smart lock plays an important role in the user experience and the use of smart home devices, and as the first checkpoint of family security, it can also play a very important role in family security. The field of smart locks has great potential and low market development. At present, the penetration rate in the Chinese market is only 3% to 5%. A large part of them are old, low-end smart locks with poor quality and poor use experience. Newell is willing to provide users with good smart lock products and a higher quality lifestyle

secondly, Newell brand, as a national brand of Korean smart lock, has a high popularity and share in the Korean market. When entering the Chinese market, I sensitively found many unreasonable and imperfect places in the industry. The first is the difficulty of installation, the second is after-sales service, and the third is the suitable door type. Based on this, the brand has designed a number of lock bodies with independent patents, which are applicable to more than 80% of doors in China, and can be installed more conveniently for users. At the same time, it has set up its own after-sales team, and cooperates with well-known service companies in the industry to strive to provide users with the best service

in addition, Newell has its own complete ecological chain, from the design of shape, the use of materials to the research and development of lock body, and then to the setting of software logic, which has experienced years of experience accumulation, and is at the leading level in the industry. At the same time, at a time when the price war is becoming increasingly serious, Newell has not joined the war and has always worked hard to provide users with high-quality smart lock products

it is reported that Newell will also cooperate with other brands and companies to launch its own smart home brands and systems in the company's planning. The main idea is how to make the decorated users more convenient to realize the intellectualization of their homes. In the 2019 plan, Newell is expected to launch its own smart home product every three months. Enrich users' use and experience of smart home. At the same time, we will continue to expand and develop smart home partners to enrich products and increase SKUs




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