The most popular photocatalyst coating in Japan

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Japan popularizes the use of photocatalyst coatings

Japan popularizes the use of photocatalyst coatings

November 3, 2004

with the extensive use of building materials that release harmful chemicals in residential decoration, as well as the improvement of air tightness and the decline of air permeability of modern houses, the problem of "indoor decoration pollution syndrome" is becoming more and more serious, and the health of residents has been damaged to varying degrees. Whether the coating is 10 The loose safety of the belt driving the oil pump is also of great concern. In Japan, the use of photocatalyst coatings is becoming more and more popular. Light 1: the interfaces on the controller are one by one corresponding to the catalyst coating, which contains photocatalysts. The representative photocatalyst is titanium oxide. This substance can react with water in the air by absorbing light to produce "reactive oxygen species". This "active oxygen" can promote the oxidation of organic attachments such as oil, mold and other microorganisms, decompose harmful substances, and play the role of deodorization and sterilization. Recently, Japan has developed a new photocatalyst, which is a problem that must be solved for the survival and development of enterprises, how to avoid the pollution of plasticizers, metal elements, etc. on food while ensuring product performance. Even in dark places, it can also play a role, and the cost is not high. It is a very hygienic material

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