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The price decline of iron ore in the domestic steel market is expanding.

the price decline of iron ore in the domestic steel market is expanding.

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the price decline of the domestic steel market is increasing again, and the phenomenon of "price decline" of merchants is expanding. The global iron ore market experienced a short rebound and turned downward again, and the decline rate of ore prices is also accelerating

according to the latest market report provided by "my steel", a well-known domestic steel information agency, the domestic spot steel price composite index closed at 81.36 points in the recent week, down 2.71% in one week, and the decline expanded. At present, the steel futures market continues to fluctuate downward, and the billet price has dropped to 1800 yuan per ton. Correspondingly, the price of spot steel market is also falling deeply, and the poor downstream demand is the main reason. Although the maintenance of steel mills is gradually increasing, the supply pressure is still high. Stimulated by the sharp reduction of ex factory selling prices by some steel mills, the confidence of merchants is more unstable, and the atmosphere of competitive shipping in the steel market is strong

according to analysis, in the construction steel market, the price decline has increased. Ton prices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and other places fell by 20 yuan to 100 yuan a week. After the market goods arrive at the demander, the Demander shall fill in the warranty form and directly contact the local Lenovo service company. The warranty mentality is very low. The market price has been inverted with the ex factory price, and the number of steel mills arranging maintenance has gradually increased. Even if the steel factory's shipment volume is reduced in the next step, it is not enough to change the current situation that the market is in the de stocking stage. Low price resources emerge in endlessly, and most businesses take shipment as their first choice

in the plate market, prices are also generally falling. The price of hot rolled coil fell sharply, and the ton price in Shanghai, Nanjing and other places fell by 30 yuan to 130 yuan a week. In this case, with the digital display of key speed regulation and experimental force displacement, the new factory resources of the steel plant are still arriving one after another, the shipping pressure of the merchants is prominent, and the market inventory is also rising, so the merchants have no choice but to reduce the price for shipping. The price of medium and heavy plate fell steadily, and the ton price in Hangzhou, Jinan and other places fell by 20 yuan to 130 yuan a week

the global iron ore market has entered a fast downward channel. According to the latest report of relevant institutions, in the domestic ore market, Hebei Tiejing (1) main engine adopts imported servo electromechanical and servo driver as the power source, and the price of powder has fallen steadily. The demand of steel mills for ore has decreased, and the pressure on ore price is difficult to reduce. Import ore prices accelerated their decline. As of the 2nd, the 62% grade Platts iron ore index closed at $56.25 per ton, down $4.25 a week. After 10 consecutive weeks of decline since late April, the iron ore depots in major domestic ports increased by 3.05 million tons to 81.85 million tons in the first week of July, indicating that the ore supply increased significantly, while the losses of domestic steel enterprises increased, the demand for raw materials decreased, and the supply and demand situation of the iron ore market reversed step by step

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