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According to the Philippine business daily, according to the customs memo issued by the Philippine customs to implement executive order No. 850, the Philippine government is preparing to cancel the tariffs on plastic resins from ASEAN neighboring countries, so as to fully realize its commitment to the ASEAN goods trade agreement

the local plastic manufacturers had earlier asked the authorities to compensate for the damage caused by the imposition of tariffs to their production and demand, because they imported plastic resins, and the raw materials of the products had to pay a tariff of 10%, while their competitors could even enjoy zero tariff treatment when exporting finished plastic products from ASEAN to their own countries

in the customs memo issued on January 4, when plastic products are the most widely used materials, the director of Customs Morales told all customs staff and taxpayers of executive order No. 850 that the abolition of plastic resin tariffs is in line with the ASEAN goods trade agreement that came into effect on January 1, 2010

the president of the Philippine Plastics Industry Association said that the customs notice should include plastic resins, because these products have been included in the list of zero tariff goods of executive order No. 850, which came into effect on January 1

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