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Photo adds impetus to CHENHONG's mass production of silver nanowire touch

tpkfilmsolutions is expected to accelerate the mass production of conductive film on silver nanowire touch panel. After nisshaprinting of Japan joined the ranks of shareholders, tpkfilmsolutions is expected to take advantage of its good roll to roll (R2R) process technology to put into production the conductive film of silvernanowire touch panel, so as to create a more competitive touch solution and expand the mobile device market

junyasuzuki, President and CEO of Japan photo, said that by taking a stake in cambrios and tpkfilmsolutions jointly established by Anwen transmission CHENHONG, the company is expected to provide innovative value for customers and will inevitably squeeze a proportion of traditional automotive materials, further promote the global business scope, and launch advanced touch sensor solutions

it is understood that cambrios conductive film material clearohm, combined with the roll to roll process technology of Japanese photo, will be conducive to the mass production of more competitive silver nanowire touch panel conductive films, and even help to reduce the price of touch panels by 10-20%. In the future, it will have the opportunity to be different from indium tin oxide (ITO) in the small and medium-sized touch industry in terms of whether the tasks of this year can be completed

on the other hand, tpkfilmsolutions, which has the highest shareholding of CHENHONG, will be even more powerful in expanding the market share of small and medium-sized touch panels in the future after obtaining the Olympic assistance from the new shareholder Japan photo. Changjiang Chaorui, the director of CHENHONG, stressed that the silver nanowire will be one of the important operation strategies of the company's low and medium-level mobile device market, so the partnership with cambrios and Japan photo can be described as an instant hit. In the future, CHENHONG will take advantage of its high-capacity clearohm film manufacturing capacity to actively enclose consumer electronic products, such as, flat panel devices and large-size touch screen applications

it is reported that tpkfilmsolutions, a joint venture between cambrios and CHENHONG, specializes in the research and development of silver nanowire technology. In the original capital tightening experiment, UTM experimental machine was rarely used for $15million, but after Japan photo became a shareholder, the capital will be increased by $25million. In the future, the equity distribution of CHENHONG, Japan photo and cambrios will be 65%, 25% and 10% respectively

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