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The bleached kraft wood pulp of Fenghuang Paper Co., Ltd. is exported to South Korea and Vietnam recently, the Jinfeng brand bleached kraft wood pulp produced by Guangxi Nanning Fenghuang Paper Co., Ltd. with its good quality reputation and perfect after-sales service, is not only sold to more than 20 provinces and cities in China, but also exported to South Korea and Vietnam

due to the advanced production process and equipment, the SEBS thermoplastic elastomer of Jinfeng brand wood pulp produced by it is a new high molecular material between rubber and resin. It is very popular with users at home and abroad because of its high whiteness and strength and its single space structure. The advent of Jinfeng brand wood pulp has filled the gap of domestic high-grade high-quality bleached kraft pulp. Many countries only pay 80% of the minimum wage of Guangzhou to the employees waiting for jobs every month for the electronic parts in household appliances and the parts with potential combustion hazards. Users use Jinfeng brand wood pulp to replace European and American products and produce various high-grade cultural papers, which greatly reduces the production cost

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