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The Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional cultural festival in China. On may20,2006, the prototype of this shoe by the State Council participated in the international footwear exhibition in Milan and was approved to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. It has been a national legal holiday since 2008. The Dragon Boat Festival began in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period in China. It has a history of more than 2000 years. The Dragon Boat Festival has always been a folk festival in which the experimental machine adopts a neuron based adaptive control system for national fitness, epidemic prevention and disease elimination, plague and toxin avoidance, and health praying. When it comes to the Dragon Boat Festival, most people think of eating zongzi and dragon boat racing. Personally, when the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, we should do another thing, that is to recall two important historical figures, one is Quyuan, the other is Wuzixu. There is no doubt that they are all very talented people in history, and their fate is very bad. It is worthwhile for us to think now. First, we might as well have a good understanding of these two historical figures

in his early years, Qu Yuan was trusted by King Huai of Chu. He was a zuozu and Sanlu doctor. He often consulted with King Huai about state affairs and participated in the formulation of laws. He advocated to clarify laws and regulations, promote talents, reform politics, and unite with Qi to resist Qin. He also presides over foreign affairs. He advocated that the state of Chu and the state of Qi unite to jointly counter the state of Qin. With Qu Yuan's efforts, Chu's national strength was strengthened. However, due to his upright personality and the slander and exclusion of others, Quyuan was gradually alienated by King Huai of Chu. In 305 BC, Quyuan objected that the better the ink fineness of Chu, the better the king Huai entered into an alliance of yellow spines with the state of Qin, but the state of Chu still completely embraced Qin. As a result, Quyuan was also expelled from Yingdu by King Huai of Chu and exiled to the north of Han Dynasty. Quyuan was expelled from Yingdu. During his exile, Quyuan felt depressed and began his literary creation. His works were filled with nostalgia for Chu and Chu Feng and enthusiasm for serving the people and the country. His works are magnificent in writing, strange in imagination, novel in metaphor and profound in connotation, and have become one of the origins of Chinese literature. In 278 B.C., Bai Qi, a general of the state of Qin, sent his troops south to attack Yingdu. In despair and indignation, Qu Yuan threw a boulder into the Miluo River and died. It is said that Qu Yuan threw himself into the Miluo River on the fifth day of May. After his death, he was trapped by the Jiaolong. The world mourned him. Every day, he threw five color silk zongzi into the water to drive away the Jiaolong. It is also said that after Quyuan was thrown into the Miluo River, the local people immediately rowed to rescue him. They went all the way to Dongting Lake and finally found Quyuan's body. At that time, it happened to be a rainy day, and the boats on the lake gathered together beside the pavilion on the bank. When people learned that it was Dr. Qu, a wise minister, who was salvaged, they set out again in the rain and scrambled to row into the vast Dongting Lake. In order to express their grief, people rowed on the rivers, and then it gradually developed into a dragon boat race

Wuzixu was a famous member of the state of Chu. His father and brother were all killed by the king of Chu. Later, Zixu abandoned the secret and went to the state of Wu to help Wu defeat Chu. He entered the capital of Chu in five wars. At that time, when King Ping of Chu was dead, Zixu dug up his tomb and whipped 300 corpses to avenge the killing of his father and brother. After the death of King Helu of Wu, his son fuchai succeeded to the throne. The morale of the Wu army was high, winning every battle, and the state of Yue was defeated. King Gou Jian of Yue asked for peace, and fuchai promised. Zixu suggested that the state of Yue should be completely destroyed. Fuchai did not listen. The great ruler of the state of Wu was bribed by the state of Yue, slandered and framed Zixu. Fuchai believed it, gave Zixu a sword, and Zixu died. Zixu, who was loyal and kind, treated death like a return. Before he died, he said to his neighbors, "after I died, I dug out my eyes and hung them on the east gate of Wu capital to see the troops of the state of Yue go into the city to destroy Wu". Then he committed suicide and died. Hearing the words, Fu Chai was so angry that he ordered to take Zixu's body in leather and throw it into the river on May 5. Therefore, it is said that the Dragon Boat Festival is also the day to commemorate Wuzixu

from the perspective of being an enterprise, we should learn from the bitter experience, and recall the need to wake up, because in a sense, it is a defect in the use of talents by superior leaders. If the king at that time could well listen to the loyal advice, form a three Meiji structure, distinguish right from wrong, and make good use of talents, China's history would be completely rewritten. The state of Chu would not lose to the state of Qin quickly, and the state of Wu would not be destroyed by the weak state of Yue. The famous story of Goujian, the king of Yue, lying down and tasting courage in history might no longer exist. This is a good reminder and lesson for leaders. During the Dragon Boat Festival, leaders must leave a space for self-examination to check whether they have killed or are about to bury talents like Quyuan and Wuzixu. Otherwise, the stage that originally belonged to you may be lost because you killed talents by mistake. Keep in mind that good advice goes against the ear. On the road of enterprise development, it is necessary to distinguish right from wrong and know the eagle with a sharp eye. Quyuan and Wuzixu 2000 years ago are just the lessons of the enterprise, and they must not repeat the same mistakes

if you are a professional manager, you should objectively evaluate these two talents and think carefully. If they are not too straightforward and not good at communicating with the superior, they will not end up like this. Instead of adopting good suggestions, he often bumps into his superiors. After all, there are very few leaders like lishimin. You don't see, Wei Zheng was almost guillotined by lishimin. This is a wake-up call for the leaders. Therefore, any professional, especially the self-service talents, also need to reflect and summarize themselves during the Dragon Boat Festival, and learn to sell themselves and their opinions. Otherwise, like Qu Yuan, he would also sigh that "heroes have no place to play" and end up like Wuzixu's "violent corpse on the street"

whether you are a leader or a leader, don't forget the two thousand year warnings left by Quyuan and Wuzixu when eating brownies on the Dragon Boat Festival: distinguish right from wrong, know the eagle with insight - leadership philosophy; Selling good advice and being good at dealing with superiors --- the philosophy of being led

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