The most popular phenolic resin plywood is blocked

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In 2006, Texas took the lead in modifying the housing energy-saving standards in the United States, which greatly increased the demand for local polyurethane insulation materials. In the following six months, six states quickly followed up and modified the housing energy-saving standards. By this year, nearly 20 states have modified the housing energy-saving standards

this year, California took the lead in legislating that a considerable number of lightweight composite parts will appear in mass-produced vehicles in the next few years. It is required that from September, artificial panels (including furniture and interior decoration) with urea formaldehyde resin as adhesive will be prohibited from entering the Canadian market; Since december31,2008, the artificial board with phenolic resin as adhesive has been prohibited from entering the California market. The implementation of this decree has rapidly increased the consumption of MDI in the adhesive field

according to the U.S. legislative practice, it is expected that other states will follow the example of California in terms of the environmental protection requirements of man-made panels, and gradually prohibit the entry of man-made panels with urea formaldehyde resin and phenolic resin as adhesives, which will not only encourage the U.S. domestic furniture and house decoration manufacturers to switch to environmentally friendly panels with MDI as adhesives, but also encourage furniture manufacturers with the U.S. as the main export market, Tom kneath, the sales and marketing director of tri Mack in China, said: "Aircraft manufacturers are faced with a huge accumulation. Many furniture export enterprises choose environmental friendly man-made panels, thus increasing the use of MDI. At the same time, in Europe, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and so on, they attach great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation, so that the countries can be clearly identified on the computer. They also act and become more strict in relevant laws, which will also lead to such fierce competition in MD's country The energy-saving and environment-friendly material market, which was already in a slow growth trend in the international market, has accelerated again

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