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Recently, Hecheng evening news department has often received such reports: when shopping in the market, owners provide cheap and unqualified plastic bags for acquaintances and paid plastic shopping bags for unfamiliar customers

made an unannounced visit to this for some time and found that it was true. In some markets, hawkers and stalls of street vendors, the paid plastic shopping bags placed are only for inspection. When the goods are really sold, unqualified plastic bags are pulled from the hidden place and provided to customers for free. Some cooked food stalls secretly use the ultra-thin plastic bags that are banned. The major supermarkets and shopping malls have implemented the plastic restriction order as usual

the plastic restriction order will be implemented from June 1. The law enforcement team led by the municipal packaging management office and jointly formed by the Municipal Industry and commerce, quality and technical supervision and environmental protection departments will conduct multiple inspections before and after the implementation of the plastic restriction order to promote the implementation of the plastic restriction order

within one month after the implementation of the plastic restriction order, the joint inspection team conducted a lot of publicity through multiple channels and random inspections from time to time. It was found that the implementation of the plastic restriction order in the market was good. However, since July, the phenomenon of providing and using unqualified plastic bags for free has gradually increased. The unqualified and ultra-thin plastic bags that disappeared for a month have made a comeback

Uncle Zhang, who lives in the sunshine mansion, is a retiree. He agrees with the plastic restriction order with both hands. In June, the plastic restriction order was just implemented, and all businesses provided qualified and paid plastic shopping bags according to the regulations. When shopping on the street, Uncle Zhang carried a cloth bag. Although it was inconvenient, Uncle Zhang was still very happy. However, since July, Uncle Zhang has found that some vendors have magically resumed providing unqualified plastic bags, which many shoppers are happy to accept. Uncle Zhang felt that the service life was longer, but he was angry and helpless

as for the accusations directed at the merchants, the merchants feel that once the board card is damaged, they can only buy it again: it is beneficial for us to provide plastic shopping bags with compensation, but we should seize the source of producing and selling unqualified plastic bags. If someone produces, someone sells, and if someone sells, someone buys. If plastic bags are provided for free, customers will buy other people's goods because someone is providing free plastic bags

as for the phenomenon of using unqualified and ultra-thin plastic bags in the market, Dong An, director of the municipal packaging management office, explained that the implementation of the plastic restriction order is a long-term process, not an overnight event. The improvement of citizens' awareness of environmental protection is the primary link, followed by cutting off the production source of the black processing plant. However, all these need to be organized by Taizhou Municipal People's government, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association and other units

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