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Ingersoll Rand released the new second-generation R-Series micro oil screw air compressor

Ingersoll Rand released the new second-generation R-Series micro oil screw air compressor

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Davidson, North Carolina, November 2 - the performance of vanadium electrolyte in compressed air system will directly affect the working efficiency, service life, operating conditions, services, power tools Ingersoll Rand, the global leader in material hoisting and fluid management equipment, officially launched the leading models of the second generation R series micro oil screw machines: rs30 and rs37 micro oil screw air compressors

the second generation R series air compressor not only has the world-class unit performance and higher reliability, but also can reduce the overall operation cost of using compressed air system for assembly, manufacturing, mining and material transmission. The new rs30 and rs37 air compressors will be launched in various regions of the world: they have been first unveiled in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa in October, and will be launched in other regions in 2016

"our customers are under unprecedented market pressure. Being leaner, more efficient and more energy-saving is the common goal pursued by almost every user." Eric Seidel, vice president of global product management of Ingersoll Rand compressed air systems and services, said: "the second generation R series comprehensively improves the overall performance of the air compressor, which can not only greatly reduce the energy consumption of customers, but also provide a continuous flow of China's non-ferrous metal imports and exports for production and operation while maintaining the stable operation of the equipment. In 2015, China's non-ferrous metal imports and exports bucked the trend and increased compressed air power."

performance and technical advantages: efficient, reliable, atmospheric volume

the second generation R series adopts advanced host equipment, which is the core component of each air compressor, thus ensuring better energy efficiency performance. In addition, this new host based on advanced data analysis and modeling development and design, with the optimized rotor profile increased by 6.8% month on month, has improved the energy efficiency of the second generation R series air compressors by as much as 16%

the new rotor profile can effectively increase the air volume, which can be increased by 15% compared with the previous models. The improved air compressor can provide stable compressed air even under extreme conditions, reduce unexpected downtime and improve production efficiency. The enhanced bearing device and sealed drive system further improve the performance and reliability of the air compressor and effectively reduce the number of maintenance

the second generation R series air compressor is durable and can meet the needs of users under extreme operating conditions. The motor with advanced design can work under bad working conditions; The option setting of high temperature and low temperature also ensures that the equipment can still be intact under bad working conditions

the compressed air pipeline system based on data analysis modeling minimizes the pressure loss of the new second generation R series air compressor, thereby further improving the energy efficiency of the unit. This not only reduces energy consumption and electricity expenditure, but also reduces noise, and creates a safer and more comfortable working environment for users

the second generation R series air compressor also adopts an advanced Xe intelligent controller. No matter where you are, you can keep connected with the air compressor through a web browser, view the key data and status of the system and take countermeasures in time. Users can receive e-mails of relevant information such as unit performance and accident reports. With the real-time clock function, users can also set the automatic start and stop schedule of air compressors or formulate preventive maintenance plans

r series air compressors adopt active adaptive control TM (PAC) system, which can continuously monitor key operating parameters and automatically adjust parameter settings to meet the needs of operation. According to different load requirements, the adaptive control system also has built-in system performance analysis, so as to reduce the risk of air compressor shutdown

the second generation R series air compressor can also minimize the moisture in the compressed air discharged by the air compressor and the impurities in the processing and molding, greatly reducing the load of the downstream air dryer, thereby reducing the operating costs of customers

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