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Infusion packaging will bid farewell to glass bottles

recently, we learned from the seminar on non PVC infusion soft bag packaging held by the China Pharmaceutical International Exchange Center of the State Food and Drug Administration and xiyueer company of the United States: China encourages the production and use of advanced non PVC infusion soft bag packaging products, but at present, there are only 28 relevant production enterprises in the country, 35 production lines, and the annual output is only 90million bags, It is far from the annual demand of nearly 3billion infusion bags

pvc (polyvinyl chloride) is the most common polymer used to make intravenous bag film at present because of its low price. However, its disadvantage is that the phthalate DEHP contained in its plasticizer is suspected to cause cancer and damage the reproductive system; Long term use can lead to the accumulation of harmful substances; Dioxins will be released during deep burial and incineration. 2. Please improve the installation environment and affect the environment. Non PV infusion soft packaging bags that can be used to make long-term medical implants C are fully enclosed intravenous infusion products with a new international concept. Developed countries have been in clinical application for more than ten years, and China has also strengthened the management in this regard in recent years. The administrative measures for containers of materials for pharmaceutical packaging (Provisional) has been issued, which contains relevant contents

Li Dakui, chairman of the pharmaceutical professional committee of the hospital of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and director of the pharmacy department of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, pointed out that the clinical requirements for infusion containers are safety, ease of use, green environmental protection and economy. Union Medical College Hospital conducted an adsorption study on 15 commonly used Chinese and Western medicines that vigorously cultivate new competitive advantages, including insulin, isosorbide nitrate, paclitaxel, Xiangdan injection, using the most commonly used glass infusion bottles, PVC infusion bags and non PVC infusion bags, and then completely locking the black knob containers. The results showed that non PVC infusion bags were the best in safety. Although the adsorption of glass bottles is very small, there are some problems, such as backflow air pollution, crack damage is difficult to detect, rubber stopper powder falls off and so on

Yang Xizhong, general manager of Guangdong Shenzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of non PVC infusion packaging products in Asia, suggested at the seminar to establish a non PVC infusion packaging industry association and an information platform

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