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The "Chinese elements" in Brazilian infrastructure are becoming more and more abundant

the "Chinese elements" in Brazilian infrastructure are becoming more and more abundant

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due to the long distance and great cultural differences, China is still a little strange to most Brazilians, but in the lives of Brazilians, "Chinese elements" have slowly penetrated. From the aspects of "clothes" and "food", we can see the words "made in China" on Brazilian costumes and cooking utensils intuitively, and countless "Chinese elements" are hidden in "living" and "traveling"

during Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Brazil in May this year, he took the Chinese made subway and the "bread mountain" ferry in Rio de Janeiro. Many Brazilians learned that they used to commute every day on Chinese made ferries and subways

on May 25, the last "Olympic subway" in Rio, Brazil, was rolled off the line at CNR Changsha passenger Co., Ltd., marking the completion of the subway trains developed by the enterprise for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

in order to meet the requirements of Brazilian customers, CNR has made many special designs for the train: the car body is made of stainless steel, which can effectively withstand the humid environment and is not easy to be damaged; In response to the local hot weather, the train is equipped with "super strong" air conditioning; In order to strengthen safety monitoring, cameras are installed in all carriages. It is reported that up to now, CNR has received orders for 100 (400) EMUs and 34 (204) metro trains in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, accounting for about 82% of Rio's urban rail transit capacity

"bread mountain" ferry is the first of the seven ferries ordered by the Rio state government. It is mainly used for the route from Rio to niteroy. It not only shortens the voyage time by about 30%, but also greatly improves the riding conditions, providing real convenience for the residents of the two cities. Pakistani engineers said that during the Olympic Games next year, the new ferries made in China will be running on the niteroy Rio passenger ferry line

construction machinery made in China can be seen at all construction sites in Brazil, including the Olympic Village project under construction. Chairman Wu Xian first extended a warm welcome to the leaders and guests attending the ceremony; For Brazil, which has been dominated by European and American brands for a long time, China's Sany group, XCMG group and Liugong group have worked hard for many years. Chinese brand cranes have come from behind, accounting for more than 80% of the local market share, of which three heavy machinery have a local market share of 37%, ranking first for three consecutive years

outside the city, Brazil has no trains and almost no decent highways, and the means of cargo transportation are relatively scarce

on May 19, during Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Brazil, representatives of China and Brazil signed a cooperation document on the feasibility study of the "two ocean Railway" across Brazil and Peru, connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The rubber vibration reduction and isolation bearings are mainly of several types: high Zuni rubber bearings, natural rubber bearings, and lead rubber bearings. The railway is planned to enter Peru from Lucas, Mato Grosso State, Brazil, and cross the Andes to reach bayoval port on the Pacific Ocean. About 3000 kilometers of new lines are required

once the "two ocean Railway" becomes a reality, in addition to greatly increasing the travel convenience of Brazilians, it will also reduce the cost and time of logistics and transportation in Brazil, and accelerate the process of economic integration in Latin America. Once fatigue occurs, it will cause 10 points of serious consequences due to failure to recover. Therefore, the construction of railway network in Brazil will also gain an opportunity

railways and highways can better "go global" Brazil's rich mineral and agricultural resources, while the construction of transmission lines will enable Brazil's rich water resources to better serve its people. Most of the power supply in Brazil depends on hydropower, but the water resources are concentrated in the Amazon rainforest in the northwest, while the southeast, with rapid economic development, has a large demand for electricity, but water resources are scarce. In case of drought, water and power will be cut off

last year, the joint venture formed by the State Grid Corporation of China and the Brazilian electric power company won the bid for the transmission project of meilishan hydropower station, which made China's UHV transmission technology go abroad for the first time, and also made Brazilians about to obtain a north-south transmission line and reliable electricity. The Brazilian side commented that this project benefits the Brazilian people and makes the Brazilian transmission technology stand in the forefront of the world's energy technology

talk about the indispensable communication in life. When the author first came to Brazil in 2007, no telecom company's services could cover 26 states and one federal district across the country. However, with the efforts of Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese funded enterprises for many years, the networks of major telecom companies have been able to cover the whole country. The construction of these communication networks is the responsibility of Chinese enterprises. So far, Huawei has deployed more than 70000 sites throughout Brazil, and its communication services are all over Brazil, accounting for more than 40% of the Brazilian network equipment market

the Brazilian government is well aware that infrastructure is Brazil's "weakness". The Brazilian government proposed the "accelerated development plan" in 2007 and the second "accelerated development plan" in 2010, most of which is to strengthen infrastructure construction. Although the implementation of the plan has made slow progress due to funds and other reasons, it can be seen that the Brazilian government is determined to strengthen infrastructure construction, and Chinese enterprises can see their promising prospects in Brazil

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