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With ingenuity, deep vision intelligent SR9000 series leads the future of 3D machine vision

on March 18, 2021, professional 3D measurement expert Shenzhen deep vision Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as deep vision intelligent) held a new product conference at the same time of Vision China Shanghai exhibition, and launched SR9000 series 3D profilometer and SC series spectral confocal sensor, further expanding its machine vision product portfolio

with the higher and higher requirements for accuracy and automation of industrial control in the future, 3D machine vision in the subdivision field will play a major role in many pain point application scenarios and become one of the hottest technologies in intelligent manufacturing at present

deep vision intelligence, founded in 2014, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of precision 3D measurement systems in the machine vision industry. It has launched the first ultra-high speed laser 3D profilometer in China, as well as a number of flagship products such as high-precision point laser displacement sensors and spectral confocal displacement sensors. It also has independent intellectual property rights and technical standard system methods for machine vision and 3D computing to build environmentally friendly and high-performance surface materials Optical imaging, hardware acceleration, precision measurement and other core technologies

expand the road and lead the future. Deep vision intelligence is technology oriented and adheres to independent research and development. Wang gangkui, CEO of deep vision intelligence, said at the press conference that people are great because of dreams, and deep vision intelligence is born because of dreams! The vision of deep vision intelligence is to become a world-class optical precision measurement high-tech enterprise. The launch of SR9000 series shows that China's intelligent manufacturing can lead the development direction of the world in the future

wanggangkui, CEO of Shenzhen vision intelligence

Jin Shaofeng, CTO of Shenzhen vision intelligence, pointed out that SR9000 series is a new generation of products that we have carefully polished through countless days and nights with the spirit of craftsman. Its series of technological breakthroughs have brought an innovative product to the 3D measurement industry

deep vision intelligent CTO Jin Shaofeng

sr9000 series 3D profilometer is born for the extreme. It reconstructs the CMOS sensor, redefines the optics, and has excellent 3D algorithm:

reconstructs the CMOS sensor: 6400 pixels, the dynamic range is increased by 30%, the signal-to-noise ratio is increased by 20%, and the microcomputer control system automatically controls the experimental force, displacement, and deformation in various modes%

redefine optics: the distortion is reduced by 50%, the aperture is increased by 100%, and the imaging clarity is improved by 30%. Extinction technologies such as nano coating are used to suppress stray light

excellent 3D algorithm: spurious suppression algorithm, improved signal-to-noise ratio, transparent translucent fluorescent materials, multi frame wide dynamic

If the calibration of mode 1 cannot be completed normally,

sr9000 series 3D profilometer

line laser SR9000 series, as the latest iterative product of deep vision intelligence, is also an innovation in deep cultivation and mining of optical precision measurement equipment products. This device has the highest resolution in deep line of sight laser products; At the same time, as the first line laser sensor with 6400 X-axis contour points at home and abroad, deep vision is once again at the forefront of industry technology; In addition, based on the more in-depth study of optics, the optimization design is carried out in the product, which solves the problems of stray light and provides a better solution for field application

sr9000 series brings high-quality user experience at the same time:

simple and easy-to-use SDK and demo examples: provide development docking demo examples in multiple languages, which is convenient for access and rapid development

special algorithm library SDK: integrate rich 3D detection algorithm library, multi camera calibration algorithm library and other practical tools

special controller: dual camera synchronous trigger, contour algorithm, support PC end, oscilloscope function

rich hardware interfaces: support single ended/differential encoder, 5v/12v/24vv, RS232 high-speed i/o

the SC series spectral confocal sensor launched at the press conference is also an innovative technology product of deep vision intelligence, which has the characteristics of ultra small volume, ultra large angle, ultra small light spot and so on

the research and development of spectral confocal sensor is very difficult. Deep vision intelligence not only overcomes many technical difficulties, but also adheres to innovation and independent research and development, so that this sensor has the super angle characteristic of strengthening the convergence of industrial talents, and the maximum mirror detection angle is as high as 60, which is at the leading level in the industry. At the same time, the ultra-high detection rate of 10kHz and the performance applicable to various materials make this device have better detection adaptability

SC series spectral confocal sensor

core competitiveness:

ultra small spot, ultra-high horizontal resolution: the minimum spot diameter is 5.8um

super angular characteristics, the maximum mirror detection angle can reach 60

innovate technology and lead the future. Implement the enterprise development values of innovation, preciseness, sharing and win-win results, and Shenzhen vision intelligence will forge ahead on the road of promoting the innovative development of the 3D vision industry. The new SR9000 series 3D profilometer and SC series spectral confocal sensor not only demonstrate the innovative strength of deep vision intelligence, but also add an important part to its business layout, and will make more outstanding contributions to customers in reducing manual manufacturing costs, improving production efficiency and product quality, and improving business efficiency

even though the future is still full of thorns, deep vision intelligence will always move forward bravely. Their goal is never just to make breakthroughs in the present, but to strive for higher and more cutting-edge industry goals in the future

on-site questions and exchanges

on-site press conference

guests at the meeting praised Shenzhen vision intelligent new products

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