The hottest infusion bag enters the non PVC Era

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Infusion bags have entered the era of non PVC

in China's "Eleventh Five Year Plan", vigorously developing environmental protection industry has been put forward as an important topic, especially some industries closely related to people's daily life have attracted great attention from all walks of life. Recently, the word "PVC" has appeared frequently in various media. Now the PVC fresh-keeping film sold on the market actually contains carcinogens harmful to human body, which naturally attracted the attention of all parties to PVC

what is PVC material?

what is PVC? Which industries are PVC used in? What harm does PVC do to human body

in short, PVC is the abbreviation of PVC material, which is made of PVC resin as the main raw material, adding an appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, etc., through mixing, calendering, vacuum blistering and other processes. At present, PVC materials are widely used in manufacturing containers, pipes, shells, artificial leather, wire and cable insulation, fresh-keeping film, infusion bags and other daily necessities for chemical, construction, textile industrial equipment

pvc itself is a fragile and fragile material, and plasticizers such as DEHP must be added to increase its flexibility and make it into soft fresh-keeping films, bags and pipes. DEHP is a plasticizer in plastic additives, which is used to improve the plasticity, flexibility, fluidity, film removal and surface smoothness of plastics during processing and forming. However, due to the influence of temperature, collision and other factors, DEHP is very easy to be separated out of plastic products automatically. According to the research of the apparatus and radiation health research center of FDA and the expert group of the National Toxicology Program, DEHP has a certain error, which is extremely toxic, and can release this sex hormone. Some individuals, such as male infants and pregnant women, need to pay attention to the impact of the inertia of moving objects on the experiment through a certain environment, such as medical treatment. When taking this kind of method, appliances are exposed to a large amount of DEHP, resulting in reproductive system dysplasia. Therefore, countries began to pay attention to and prohibit DEHP from being used as a plastic plasticizer, and at the same time, the safety of various food packaging films was tested

at the same time, PVC is not easy to decompose, and dioxin is produced after combustion. Dioxin is a kind of circular molecule composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and halogen elements. They are not volatile and soluble in water, but soluble in oil. They are easy to enter the human body through food such as beef, milk, fish, etc., and are very easy to remain after entering the human body

pvc infusion bags are harmful to human body

"not only fresh-keeping film, PVC soft bag infusion is also easy to cause cancer. Direct intravenous injection is more harmful than fresh-keeping film. If you are responsible for your own health, you should choose a healthy infusion method." Qian Linlin, a senior pharmaceutical consultant of Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., told us about the recent report of toxic PVC fresh-keeping film

infusion bag is a disposable medical appliance with large dosage and wide use, and it is closely related to our daily life. The annual consumption in China is more than 5 billion tubes, and its quality and safety are directly related to people's health. At present, disposable infusion bags at home and abroad are generally made of PVC. Although it has the advantages of excellent physical and mechanical properties, low price, simple production process and so on, it faces the challenge and competition of other cheaper and safer polymer materials due to the very small amount of harmful substances left in the materials and the hidden dangers and insecurity caused by the addition of other materials during processing

relevant experts suggested that in order to ensure the safety of people's medication, drug supervision and administration departments at all levels should take positive measures to restrict the use of PVC soft bags, and should not approve the new PVC soft bag project starting from the friction and wear testing machine. At the same time, we should further study and observe the safety of PVC infusion soft bags, and adopt more safe and reliable substitutes to completely replace PVC infusion soft bags when the time is ripe

non PVC infusion bags become the trend

non PVC soft bag infusion was successfully developed in the early 1990s, and has become the most safe infusion packaging form in the world at present. Non PVC soft bag infusion, like PVC soft bag infusion, is a completely closed packaging method, which does not have direct contact with the air and the external environment, and completely prevents the pollution of the environment to the infusion

non PVC soft bag infusion not only has the advantages of PVC soft bag infusion, but also overcomes the disadvantages of PVC soft bag infusion. First of all, the non PVC soft bag infusion is also a complete processing technology. The zero cover valve port is fully enclosed packaging, which is not in direct contact with the air and the external environment, completely preventing the pollution of the environment to the infusion; Secondly, non PVC soft bag infusion does not contain plasticizer (DEHP), which has good stability, good drug compatibility, extremely low water permeability and permeability. It can be degraded in nature and will not cause great harm to the environment and human body; In addition, the double tube and double plug of non PVC soft bag infusion separates the dosing port from the infusion port, avoiding the cross infection of drugs and further ensuring the safety of infusion. From the current world trend, non PVC infusion bags will become the dominant

Huaren pharmaceutical fills the gap in the industry

at present, a large number of enterprises in China are still producing disposable infusion bags with PVC as raw material. However, some far sighted enterprises have taken the gratifying first step. Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaren pharmaceutical) was established in 1998. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of non PVC flexible packaging large infusion. It has domestic leading production technology and rich experience, and has introduced internationally leading and domestic first-class core production equipment and inspection equipment for soft packaging large infusion, such as water production, preparation, bag making, potting, sterilization, etc. from Europe. The first phase expansion project has an annual design production capacity of 100 million bags, of which the introduction of double chamber bag production line has filled the domestic gap and become the only pharmaceutical enterprise in China with the production capacity of double chamber bag infusion

in November 2001, the non PVC soft bag infusion production workshop of Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successfully passed the national GMP certification. In May 2002, the products were successfully listed, and the application of fully closed infusion system in the form of infusion ended the long-term backwardness of China's large-scale infusion drugs, marking that China's large-scale infusion drugs have entered the world's advanced level

the pharmaceutical industry is a major industry related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and it is an industry that will never allow inferior and unsafe products. It is believed that with the joint efforts of Huaren pharmaceutical and other enterprises, in the near future, China will completely bid farewell to the infusion bags harmful to human body, and the infusion bags will soon enter the "harmless" era

source: Huaren pharmaceutical

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