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Ingenuity for change, create the southern industry 4.0 era

focus on building the southern industry 4.0 era, which has been written into the development plan of Southern pump industry. With automation technology coverage, smart technology as the core, under the guidance of innovative thinking and the support of ingenuity spirit, the pace of self-improvement is accelerated, and the goals of improving quality and efficiency, reducing consumption and energy saving are clear

on August 12, 2020 China Environmental Technology Conference was preheated in advance. On August 13, ie Expo 2020 21st China Environmental Expo returned

with the new situation, new challenges and new business forms, the environmental protection industry has finally ushered in another offline industry event. The China Environment Expo has brought "Online + offline" dual platforms, which has broadened new channels for environmental protection enterprises to display environmental protection technologies, equipment, solutions and services

facing the new requirements of the "14th five year plan" and helping environmental protection enterprises tide over the difficulties together, the 21st China Environment expo comes at the right time on the road of seizing business opportunities and the future

Nanfang Pump Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nanfang pump"), an old friend of the environmental protection exhibition, was not absent this time. As promised, it added a lot to the water treatment exhibition hall of the 21st China Environmental Expo. At the end of the clear water battle, the industry also needs such environmental protection enterprises with responsibility, technology, core competitiveness and distinctive solutions to work together to overcome the difficulties

although the start of 2020 was a little unexpected, Nanfang pump also took this opportunity to precipitate more things, which made people look at it with admiration in the response of turning "crisis" into "turnaround"

then the camera will turn to Nanfang pump, which is participating in the 21st China Environment Expo, to get a new understanding of this listed environmental protection enterprise that has accelerated

ingenuity to seek change, build the southern industry 4.0 era

the strengthening of pollution control, the improvement of environmental protection standards, the upgrading and technology of equipment manufacturing. 2) the sheet metal materials widely used in electronic products basically adopt the upgrading of stamping and automatic bending processing to form the core force, which has become a must for enterprise development. The new rules mean change. Nanfang pump industry is keenly aware of this and actively makes adjustments for the manufacturing of pump equipment

focus on building the era of southern industry 4.0, which has been written into the development plan of Southern pump industry. With the coverage of automation technology and smart process as the core, under the guidance of innovative thinking and the support of ingenuity spirit, the pace of self-improvement has been accelerated. The quality improvement type III sample is only applicable to the determination of molded short cut glass fiber reinforced plastic, otherwise the tensile strength of heater material will be destroyed during power on work. The goals of efficiency increase, consumption reduction and energy conservation are clear

Industrial interconnection + big data + customized services

in the era of IOT, environmental protection needs a little "black technology". Taking the initiative to integrate into the wave of smart environmental protection reform, Nanfang pump industry has a deeper understanding of "smart manufacturing", and thus began to transform to an integrated integrated service provider mode outside the pump product matrix, providing a one-stop drainage overall solution, and is committed to promoting the development of intelligent, information and automation of water treatment

"industrial interconnection + big data + customized services" route will, on the one hand, pull the brand pump equipment of Nanfang pump into the "" and better meet the market demand; On the other hand, it will also help water enterprises get rid of the embarrassment of information islands through intelligent management, and solve the problems of inadequate planning, service docking and other work, killing two birds with one stone

at present, the leading products of Nanfang pump industry, such as NSG series swimming pool pumps, CDM (f) light vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, GM Series diaphragm metering pumps, nfmt integrated medical wastewater treatment equipment, nfjs integrated water purification equipment, have opened a new era of "connection", and their applications in industrial water treatment, municipal water supply and drainage, seawater desalination, agricultural irrigation, construction sewage, petroleum and petrochemical, water conservancy and hydropower and other industries are more like fish in water

▲ a glimpse of the South Pump booth at the 21st China Environment Expo

speculation - HENGQIANG - jump out of the square and start again

just at the 21st China Environment Expo, the crowd in front of the South Pump booth surged, with familiar conversations, heated discussions, professional explanations, and instant negotiations, which also added a bit of coolness to the dusk in the mask

there will be times when you ride the wind and waves. Of course, you choose to jump out of the surrounding area before you start

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